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Sand, grass and a blue sky

Darss Landscape

Darß Landscape. Photo: Ulla Hennig

It is almost one month ago that I took this photo. I still remember the day: the weather had changed from grey, stormy and rainy to a blue sky. My cousin and me rented bikes, but on this way we had to walk. As you can see, the way went through a landscape with dunes, grass and some crippled looking trees. It was early autumn then; now, with November approaching very fast, we have late autumn. Time, where have you gone!

Sand and Water


Sand and Water

Sand and Water. Photo: Ulla Hennig


I took this photo at the end of September 2010, walking along the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea near Zingst (on the half-island of the Darß).

Dunes at the Baltic Sea


Dunes on the Darß, Baltic Sea

Dunes on the Darß, Baltic Sea. Photo: Ulla Hennig


Doesn’t the sand look a bit like snow? On this day the weather changed. It was still cold, but we had a beautiful blue sky. We could even sit in the sand for a while and watch the waves rolling in.

Here’s to Scotland and a dear Scottish Friend!

Kyles of Bute

Joanna Paterson takes wonderful photos. So it was really difficult for me to select one out of her photostream – but here it is: The Kyles of Bute, a photo taken by her on December 2008 in Strathclyde, Scotland. Click on the photo and you will be taken to her photostream on Flickr.

Which word would you use for describing the scenery? Calming? Impressive? Majestic? If that photo would be on a calendar or on a poster I could imagine standing in front of it in a meditative state of mind (In case you are reading this, Joanna: may be you could consider…). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

The Renaissance Garden

Renaissance Garden

Renaissance Garden in Berlin-Marzahn. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Today has been the first day for a week with sunshine. Well, the sky got cloudy again after lunch, and when I got home from work it looked dreary again. But at least it stayed dry.

On days like these I like to browse through my flickr account. That photo was taken in the middle of September on a sunny day with a blue sky. It shows one part of the Renaissance Garden in Berlin which is a part of a wonderful big park called “The Gardens of the World”.


The Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Chinese Garden. Photo: Ulla Hennig

The Chinese Garden is a part of the “Gardens of the World” in Berlin-Marzahn. Berlin-Marzahn is a neighbourhood in Berlin with many multi-story buildings. These buildings were erected in the 60s of the 20th century, and many families moved there, leaving their flats in the old houses which were at that time in very poor conditions.

But when you enter the Chinese Garden you forget where you are–you can watch the lake, listen to the birds, have one or two cups of fresh green tea and just be. On the day I was there the colors were a perfect match: the blue of the sky and the lake, the red and white of the buildings, the gray-blackish color of the roofs and the green of the trees and the shrubs. A symphony of colors!

The Beauty of Water

The beauty of water. Photo: Ulla Hennig

The beauty of water. Photo: Ulla Hennig

I must admit: I love water – be it the waves of the sea rolling in, a majestic river, a lake or a small pond like this one. I can look at water for a long time, and it makes me feel alive and makes me quiet at the same time.

And I love the different shades of blue water: the greenish-blue of lakes surrounded by mountains or by trees; the silvery blue of the sea. I love the beautiy of water.