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Two Snakes

Two snakes. Coloured pencil on watercolour paper, Ulla Hennig February 2012

I have found my medium, definitely. Late at night, after watching a tv show I grab my coloured pencils and begin to draw. And suddenly it’s almost midnight (which is very late for me). I sit at the breakfast table, sipping my mug of tea, and I grab my colour pencils and begin to draw. And then I look at my watch and I notice that I should have left my flat 10 minutes ago.

Or I catch myself at work thinking about the next pencils to buy. Or looking for nice papers online to paint and draw on. Strange, isn’t it?

Blue Snake

Blue snake. Coloured pencils on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig, February 2012

Did this out of my imagination. Of course there are no blue snakes (at least not that I know of any of them), so it is more a fantasy drawing. But I liked the various shades of blue on the orange-brown-yellow-reddish rock.

Abstract Piece

Abstract. Coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig February 2012

This time I used rougher paper. It is similar to watercolour paper. For the first time I used the white pencil for blending. I created the whole piece on the paper, and chose the single pencils quite accidentally.

Flying Pelican – final Version

Flying Pelican - finished

Flying Pelican. Coloured Pencils. U. Hennig, February 2012

Here is the final version. Or should I say I hereby declare this painting to be finished? I find it really difficult to do that, to leave it alone, stop putting another layer on it, some additional strokes with this or that coloured pencil…

You can see the stages of this painting here and here.

Flying Pelican 2 – WIP

flying Pelican

Flying Pelican #2 Still work in progress. Ulla Hennig, February 2012

I am still working on this flying pelican. I hope I will get it finished this week.

Flying Pelican – Work in Progress

Flying pelican, WIP

Flying pelican. Coloured Pencils. Ulla Hennig February 2012. WIP

As you can see I began to work on the pelican. Coloured pencils take their time, so it is just the very beginning. I will post the various stages of the drawing here on this blog.

Colour studies

Colour studies, done with coloured pencils and watercolour pencils (dry).

My next coloured pencils drawing will be a flying pelican. In order to get the colours right I thought it might be sensible to do some colour studies – especially in order to get the proper values. As everybody knows, pelicans are pink, but when I took a closer look at the reference photo I noticed that a lot of other colours were in it, too.

There is a bit of difference between the colours on the paper (it is sketchpad paper, 115 g on the square meter) and the colours here on the scanned image. They look a bit more intensive and stronger here on the screen.


Some leaves. Colour pencils, Ulla Hennig February 2012

I am hooked. I am hooked on coloured pencils. In the beginning of this piece I just wanted to find out whether I could blend colours with my coloured pencils. That’s why I used my smallest sketchbook which I’d got as a present in my drawing course last November. I never thought that you could get these vivid colours with pencils. Well…

Dragon – coloured

Dragon. Pen and ink drawing coloured with coloured pencils

On Wednesday I decided to get my coloured pencils from the shelf and out of the box. I was curious how it would be to colour one of my pen and ink drawings with them. I haven’t done much with them but I have the feeling that I’ve now found my way to use them…

Blue Elephants

Blue elephants. Digitally created with Photoshop shapes. U. Hennig, February 2012

In my last post I presented two websites which are useful for me when doing designs for Zazzle. Today I present you a third one: kuler. This website offers you the possibility to put colours together according to several rules (for example analogous or complementary, to name two out of a whole set of rules). You can set one colour as the basic colour and then click on the rule you want to apply – and you’ve got a set of colours.

As blue is one of my favorite colours (together with purple), I went for this colour and played around on kuler until I felt that I had the right colour combination. I then applied the colour on my photoshop shapes, copying and pasting the hex code.

I could have left it at that, as I usually upload my designs as transparent pngs, so that customers on Zazzle can  add their own backgrounds. But you’ve got to present it with a background, and on kuler it is far easier to find a proper colour for the background than it is on Zazzle. So I added a layer just to experiment with the background colour. I took a note of the hex code in order to chose the right one on Zazzle. Before uploading the design to Zazzle I will delete the background layer or hide it.

In one of my next posts you will see what I will have done with the design. Keep posted!