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Unknown but Beautiful

Unknown but beautiful

Unknown but Beautiful. Photo: Ulla Hennig May 2011

There are certain flowers you could call impressive, majestic, beautiful, eye-catching. Roses for me are such flowers, or tulips in their ever so many colours.

This purple one however has been growing in a quite unspectacular manner in a green patch along the pathway I often take. I don’t know its name, that’s why I call it “the unkknown flower”. However I think it’s beautiful. The funny thing is that the more I look at the photo the more its beauty moves me. It didn’t when I took the photo. I more or less wanted to try out the macro function on my new camera. So my camera made me have a closer look at it – without it I would have passed it without noticing it.

Blossoms again!

Tree in blossoms

Tree in blossoms. Photo: Ulla Hennig

What a beautiful sight! Unfortunately we are just having a period of rather nasty and cold weather, but the weather forecast is announcing rising temperatures and sunshine for the coming weekend. 

We had some April days which reminded me very strongly of Summer – above 20 degrees Celsius. The long Easter Weekend was gorgeous, and even the weekend after that provided a blue sky and sunshine all over, although with a strong wind. 

So there’s no reason to be grumpy because of the weather, it has beeen good to us here in Berlin.

Lilacs in Spring 2011

Lilacs in Spring 2011

Lilacs in Spring 2011

The lilacs are blooming again. I’ve got two lilac bushes beneath the cherry blossom tree in front of the house I live in. The cherry blossoms have gone now, and the lilacs have taken over.

Berlin is full of lilacs – white ones, pink ones, purple ones. It is mid spring now, and the fruit trees are blooming. Nature is very early this year, and I hope that we won’t get temperatures much below freezing point. That could be very dangerous for the development of cherries, pears, apples then.

But is no use worrying about that – I rather enjoy sitting outside, slowly sipping a cup of delicious capuccino!

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Whenever I see the cherry tree blooming in front of the house where I live I know that we are now in the middle of spring. And I run and grab my camera and take photos, because I know that all too soon the blossoms will be lying down on the earth. It is the same with the lilacs – I’ve already noticed the first signs of lilacs blossoms, and I hope I will be there to take photos of them, too.

Spring is one of the seasons I love; I love the fresh green, the blooming trees, the explosion of nature. People are now sitting in front of the numerous little cafes Berlin has got, enjoying their cups of coffee, their cappuccinos and lattes. The atmosphere seems to be full of happiness – something the French call joie de vivre – the joy of living.

Weather fore

Spring has arrived!


Forsythias in full blossom

They are the first signs of spring here in Berlin. Just now they are in full bloom, whereas most of the bushes and shrubs still have that slight shade of green – lots of buds but only a few leaves fully opened.

But somehow I’ve got the feeling that nature is going to explode into green and yellow and red and all kinds of colours in the next days. The weather forecast for the coming weekend is very nice – sunny and temperatures around 23 Celsius.

This is something which happens every year, but it still fascinates me. I can*t but stop and have a look at the tiny crocuses growing wild along the way I have to take each morning. I hope many people see them and take a break to stop and take them in.

Trees in Blossoms

Trees in blossoms. Photo: Ulla Hennig

More and more trees are in blossoms now – white, light pink, dark pink. It is such a pleasure to the eye!

You can find those colors everywhere in the big city, and once again I am reminded that Berlin is a green city, with lots of trees and lots of green spaces.

The first Patches of Green

Green patch. Photo: Ulla Hennig

I took this photo quite some days ago, and the reason why I took it, was that I was so happy to see nature becoming green again. We had a very long winter in Berlin this year, and it was not only a cold, icy winter, it was a grey and dreary winter as well. I’ve got nothing against a cold winter with snow and ice and a blue sky – lovely! But those weeks without sun were a bit too much,

So I was longing for spring. I took a close look at the shrubs and noticed the first green buds. I searched for the first aments and welcomed them, although I knew that they make my nose suffer (I am allergic). And I noticed those green patches, fighting their way through the soil. I tried to capture as much early spring as possible with my camera, knowing that in a few days we will all take green for granted.


Forsythias. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Forsythias are in full bloom now in Berlin. Their yellow, the green of the bushes and shrubs and the blue sky make a wonderful mixture. I’ve read somewhere that yellow is the color of creative and intellectual energy (that’s why those post-its are yellow!)

Yellow is also the color of daffodils, and when I think of daffodils, I think of Wordsworth and his beautiful poetry.

My New Pastels

My new pastels. Photo: Ulla Hennig

For almost one week I now have been the proud owner of a big box of pastels. Last Friday I had a wonderful dinner together with my dear neighbor at the Italian restaurant around the corner. She does some painting with oil (but only in spring and summer when she can open the windows in her flat), and I told her that some time ago I used to to some pastel painting in a course. All the paints and materials were cared for by the man who taught the course – so I did not have any pastels at home.

She smiled at me and told me that she had a big box of pastels which she did not need anymore – she had found out that pastels were not “her thing”. And the following evening she gave me the box. She did not want any money for it, but she accepted two dinner invitations…

And now, on the coming weekend, I will dive into the world of pastels. I can imagine just trying them out – laying different colors on the paper, mixing them with my fingers, getting a feeling for them. And finally – maybe – taking a photo of my efforts! With spring finally having arrived in Berlin my inner creative me definitely wants an outlet!

Vivaldi – Spring

Here in Berlin snow and ice have disappeared. It is still not spring yet, but it is the beginning of March and the first snowdrops are rising their little heads. It won’t be long and there will be crocusses (croci) all over Berlin.

I don’t know how the weather is where you all live, but for any of you who is waiting for spring I’ve got something to spend the waiting time in a most pleasant way: The music piece “Spring” created by Antonio Vivaldi. Enjoy!