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The Lord of the Dance

There are several reasons why I want to share that video with you:

  • I love Irish Folk Music and I love the Dubliners. They have been on the stage since the middle of the seventies. The members of the group changed, but the quality remained.
  • I love to dance. I love to dance when I am happy, so to express my joy. I also love to dance when I am sad – because the music cheers me up. And if there’s a fiddle and a guitar and a flute, nobody keeps me from tapping my feet, getting up and hopping around.
  • I love this song. I didn’t know that it was a hymn (or still is?). For me it’s expressing the will to fight death, and torture with dance – not with violence.


The Blogger as an Artist?

Ulla Hennig

Landscape. Drawing in Pastel / Photo: Ulla Hennig

After half a year of writing and 60 posts I have convinced myself – I am a writer. Actually I have first been convinced by my virtual blogging friends and then I’ve convinced myself. I write – so I am a writer.

But what about being an artist? I like to draw with pastels, and people tell me, that the results are not too bad. But does that make me an artist? What is an artist? Somebody who lives from his art works? Somebody who has exhibitions in the great galleries? Can somebody like me who works from 9 to five be an artist?

I would like to read your opinions on that. Let’s talk!

Candles and Emotions

Ulla Hennig

Candle. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Do you know, that in former times – those times without electricity –  to be able to light candles was a sign of being wealthy?

The church had those big wax candles, and the rich people had them in their houses.

Candles were not only a means of lighting up the dark. They were also – and still are- a sign of remembering somebody, of hoping.

The wifes of fishermen put candles in their windows, so their men might find their way back.

The mothers of ill children, the wifes of ill husbands lit up candles hoping that their beloved might recover.

I am putting up this candle as a sign of gratitude for five of my virtual blogging friends: Joanna Young in Scotland, Robert Hruzek in the USA, Brad Shorr in the USA, Karen Swim in the USA and Rosa Say in Hawaii. They are having a big part in my development as a blog writer and as a global citizen. Take care of you, you all!

Not without my Bananas

Ulla Hennig

Bananas. Photo: Ulla Hennig

I like them. I eat them in the morning for breakfast, cut into slices, put into a bowl with some fresh yoghurt. They taste marvelous. I eat them in the afternoon, instead of chocolate, enjoying their sweetness.

You can carry them easily with you. You don’t have to wash them. You don’t get your fingers wet as with oranges. Peeling them is easy. And – what’s important for me – they don’t cause any allergic reactions.

What is your favorite fruit?


Maybe you’ve already heard about it – the Blogapalooza at

Robert Hruzek asked – and is still asking, by the way – his virtual blogging friends from all over the world to send a list of their best posts of 2008, together with the links to them, and every day there are new names coming up.

There are about 120 entries now. If you want the list of the names, just go to the archives of Make yourself a cup of tea or one of coffee and be ready for some wonderful reading.

I just discovered “Going down the Road we Know“, published by Lance on his blog “The jungle of Life“. The post made me think about the roads I take – which are mostly the roads I know. I’m not a very adventurous kind of person, and I need some encouragement and support from other people in order to take new roads. Lance’s post just did this.

The Day after

super yoga woman, originally uploaded by WillShoot.

I like Yoga. I am doing it regularly, every Wednesday. I found out that it is the best way to do something for my back.

Well, as I said, I went to my yoga class on last Wednesday. Everything went fine. As every Wednesday I felt refreshed after class.
The day after was an ordinary 7-hours-sitting-at-the-computer-day. Everybody has to get up during such a day (actually I had to go to open the door for someone). Ouuuch! I had the feeling as if someone had thrown a hammer into my back. I very slowly limped to the door.

Later on in the evening (back was still hurting quite a lot) I tried to find out the reasons for the pain in my back. I went through the exercises we had done on Wednesday. One of them had been some sort of try-to-look-behind-your-right-shoulder-and-watch-your-left-ankle-thing. When doing it, I already had some funny feeling, but wanting to compete with the other people I had exceeded the limits of my body.

So there’s the lesson I learned: Listen to your body! Even if all the other people in the crowd do it: it is your body, and you are responsible for it!

Three Cats

Cats, originally uploaded by Ulla2004.

This is the photo of a pastel drawing I did quite some time ago.

I love cats, but due to the fact that I am working the whole day, I won’t have one. Besides that, I think that cats in flats are not very happy (although a lot of people tell me, that they are).

I love to see them on the farms, prowling around, free and independent, catching mice, sleeping in the stable, only occasionally coming into the house.