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Mermaid – Work in Progress

Mermaid. Acrylics on Acrylic paper

This is actually the first time that I use a paper the size of DIN A 4. I did it this time because with a smaller size the painting of the mermaid would have been too big a challenge for me.

I actually had a look at various pictures of mermaids, and I used a picture of Disney’s mermaid as a drawing reference, but as you can see, I applied some major changes. I didn’t like the “girley” look, what I had in mind was the queen of the seas, even the goddess of the seas. Blue and gold have been the colours of persons of much importance, and so I chose blue and gold as the main colours.

Regarding the colour of the mermaid’s hair I’m thinking of blue again, but this time a lighter blue. I don’t know yet whether that will work – we’ll have to wait for the outcome.

And I’ve got the drawing on a separate piece of paper. So I can always go for a second painting with different colours!

Hibiscus – Acrylics

Hibiscus. Acrylics on Acrylic paper, size DIN A 5. August 2014

The first thing is that I’m not a realist painter. I admire artists who do realist art, but my goal is to convey the essence, the vividity and the energy of my subjects. It is the red of the petals here, and their shapes which caught my eye.

I know that the fuzzy green around the petals looks a bit strange. I’m not sure whether I want to leave it as it is or whether I want to work on it some more. It has the look of a kind of “aura” around the flower which I like. On the other hand it may look a bit sloppy, and that I don’t like.

Abstract shapes

Abstract. Watercolour paints on watercolour paper.

This time I experimented with glazes and ink. When doing this I noticed that on the one hand I admire that kind of softness and transparency on other artists’ paintings (there are some wonderful watercolour artists who do illustrations for children’s books or fairy tales), but it seems to be not really my cup of tea, not the way I want to paint.

For a long time I had been thinking that colours are not “my thing” – and then I discovered the beauty of vivid colours brought onto the paper by markers, coloured pencils and markers, or gouache. Whenever I’d read the expression “sling paint” I’d not been able to apply that to my person. On the weekend however I grabbed my acrylic paints, put the paint on the palette and deeply enjoyed mixing them and “slinging the paint”.

So this piece above is the last piece of the watercolour series – bye to watercolour and hello to acrylics!

The green Elf

Green elf.

I first did the drawing with a pencil, then coloured it with watercolour paints and then inked it. At the very end I used one of my markers for the lips, the necklace and the ribbons in his (or her?) hair.

Exotic Flower – final version

Exotic flower. Watercolours on watercolour paper from Hahnemühle. August 2014

The ink lines in the background were added after putting the paint on the paper. Mixing the various shades of green were fun although the result wasn’t always what I intended…

Floral Design

Floral design. Watercolour paints on watercolour paper. August 2014

I am still having fun with watercolour paints. This piece is just a doodle with ink and wash, experimenting with the amount of water on the paper and the amount of paint. I never thought that I could have such fun with watercolour paints!

Little Tree Elf

Little Tree Elf. Watercolours on watercolour paper. August 2014

I bought a set of watercolour paints at least two years ago and never touched it, well until today. I just felt like trying them, knowing that I’d got some experience with other mediums and might be able to do something with them. I still feel like an absolute newbie, but I lost the impression that me and watercolour paints might never become friends. …

Creature of the Sea

Creature of the Sea. Neocolors II on sketch paper. August 2014

Tomorrow my three weeks vacation will end, and it’s back to “normal” again. I had a wonderful time with my American friend who stayed at my flat for 12 days and explored Berlin. Due to the school holidays here in Berlin a lot of Berlin people have left the city and lots of tourists have come, so I guess we have the same number of people living in town.

I didn’t manage to finish this piece till today. I used the watersoluble neocolors II and some markers. For support I used simple sketching paper.