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Summer in the City!

Fountain in an Italian restaurant. Photo: Ulla Hennig

This restaurant with its beautiful garden and fountain is only a few steps away from the place where I live. I enjoy sitting outside, sipping a glas of white wine, watching the birds come and take a bath. It is summer in the city, and it’s beautiful!


Belvedere - inside

Belvedere on the Pfingstberg near Potsdam. Photo: Ulla Hennig, September 2011

The Belvedere is a small palace on the Pfingstberg in Potsdam, the capital of the federal state of Brandenburg. It was built between 1847 and 1863. After WW II it fell into disrepair. Between 1988 and 2005 it was repaired by a group of local residents and is now open to tourists again.

The Brandenburg Landscape

My friend Carina is a great photographer. She lives in Berlin together with her husband, and in her free time she explores the beauties of nature in Brandenburg, the federal state which surrounds Berlin.

Brandenburg has a lot of small lakes. Many of them lie hidden somewhere between the trees, and you can go there and spend a whole day without seeing anyobdy. They are perfect places to recover from the noise of Berlin.

Light on Water

Light on Water. Photo: Ulla Hennig, September 2011

Unfortunately my new camera has only got a display and no viewfinder. I could not see what I was taking a photo of, but I had a try. I was interested in the reflection of the sun in the water, not so much in the bridge. I tried to focus more on that by applying a gaussian filter on the upper half of the photo, but was not satisfied with it, so I left it as it came out of the camera.

Mushrooms on Wood

Mushrooms on Wood

Mushrooms on Wood. Photo: Ulla Hennig, September 2011

Two weeks ago our University staff went on a trip to Potsdam, the capital of the federal state of Brandenburg. We visited a very famous building, the Belvedere on the “Pfingstberg”. Of course I took photographs of the building (you will see them later on this blog), but I was also interested in the small things of nature and found this stump with two mushrooms on it.

I like the structure of the cracks in the wood, and how the mushrooms seem to sit on them – they remind me of two white eyes in a brown face. Maybe we should call it the face of fall?



Lily. Photo by Ulla Hennig, taken in September 2011

I could not resist taking a photograph of the lovely liles I got for my birthday this year. They were beautiful to look at, but I knew that they would not last forever in the vase in my living room. Taking a photo of them somehow makes them live forever…

Pink flowers

pink flowers

Pink flowers on a day in August. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Pink in all shades is my favourite colour. I read on a website:

Put some pink in your life when you want:

  • calm feelings
  • to neutralize disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance, contentment

And then I knew once more: pink is my colour! Especially the one point “neutralize disorder” – it seems that I have to have more pink flowers in my flat…