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Drawing the hoof of a horse

Horse hoof. Digital drawing, done with Artrage. March 2013, Ulla Hennig

I think the hooves of horses are about the most difficult thing to draw, especially when you have to draw them in a very small size. So I did a very big one, trying to capture the essentials of it.

Sketching with the graphic tablet

Horse. Digital sketch done with Artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

I decided to focus more on sketching and drawing. Artrage offers pencils and felt pens as tools for drawing. Drawing with /on a graphic tablet is fun – you can easily erase wrong lines. I also decided to practise the drawing / sketching of horses; I love those beautiful animals, but they are not easy to draw.

So until at least the Easter weekend I will do a daily sketch of a horse or a part of it.


Fire Being. Digital Painting done with Artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

It can be a witch, or a firedragon or anything else you see in it. Whatever it is, it is full of life and energy and power.

It is done with the oil brush tool in Artrage.

Playing with colour and shapes

Colours and shapes. Digital painting, done with artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

Artrage comes with some nice stickers (the glossy balls for example which you can see here), and with stencils – shapes that can be used like masks and filled with paint.

It took me some time to find out not only how to use these tools, but also to arrange them on the canvas and to find the appropriate colours. The shapes are connected by a line drawn with the ink pen and then I used the airbrush to make the line glow.

Wooden Figure #3

 in Wooden figure #3. Digital painting. Ulla Hennig March 2013

If you compare this version with the first one you will notice that I darkened the water and the background in order to put more focus on the wooden figure.

I am still exploring the potential of Artrage. There are a lot of video tutorials on YouTube, and there is the artrage forum with “tips and tricks”. But they don’t cover anything, and I feel that I should begin to make notes about my own experiences.



Wooden Figure

wooden figure #2

Wooden Figure. Digital painting done with Artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

This is an imaginary tree person in an imaginary landscape. Somehow I feel attracted to the world of fantasy – trees with faces and arms for example, and I try to paint these fantasy worlds.

This one is still in a “can be improved” state. Painting fantasy worlds does not mean not having a look at real waves, rivers and trees, something I should have done here. Fortunately digital paintings can be worked upon forever. …

Red Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf. Digital Painting, done with Artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

This is another result of my steps into the world of Artrage. I am still deeply enjoying the software, even if there are times when I don’t exactly know what I am doing…

Yellow Rose painted with Artrage

Yellow rose. Digital painting, done with artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

I am still learning how to paint with Artrage. I played around with the pencil, the felt pen and other virtzal mediums, but I am returning again and again to the oil btush, something I won’t never do in the “real” non digital world.

And I deeply enjoying painting the background. Painting backgrounds with coloured pencils is a very time consuming thing – here, with Artrage, it takes half an hour.

Landscape with Artrage #2

Landscape - second version

Landscape with mountains, 2nd version. Painted with artrage. Ulla Hennig March 2013

Yes, sometimes I can be rather persistent. In my last post I showed the first result of playing around with artrage, and I had to admit that the only thing I was satisfied with was how I did the mountains.

Now, instead of throwing said painting into the dustbin I decided to try to make it better. So I removed the tree on the left side, added a sandy path in the middle and transformed the green form on the right in something which is more shrub like.

Working on this painting taught me two things:

  1. Don’t stick to the reference photo if the reference photo lacks compositional qualities.
  2. Painting with artrage makes it possible to change the painting completely. Just take the oil brush and go over it.


Artrage practice – Landscape


Landscape. Artrage digital painting. Ulla Hennig March 2013.

I am still exploring Artrage. It is addictive, yes, but it also takes a lot of patience and time to learn how to deal with the various tools. The only thing here I am quite satisfied with is the background with the mountain range. I had one of my photos of a bavarian landscape as a reference photo, but I’m afraid I did a rather bad job with it.