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Blue Dreams – Work in Progress

Blue Dreams. Work in progress #1

I am still focusing on getting the negative space coloured in. Doing those tiny little circles with a pencil takes soo much time! Using black on blue and blue on black in order to shade.

Inspiring Artists on YouTube

YouTube has become not only a learning place but also source of inspiration for me. It is a way for me to delve into the world of art. In this blog I will – now and then – present artists which I love to watch, be it because I like the way they present their art, or because they do good tutorials or because I love their art.

MissLeilaniJoy is one of my favorite artists on YouTube. Artwise there’s a big difference between the art she creates and the things I do, but: She presents her art in a way which makes me watch the video from the beginning to the end.

Here you can watch her latest video:


My coloured pencils

My coloured pencils.

Actually these are not all my pencils. I’ve got my reds and yellows in a separate tin, because in the meantime I`ve got too many pencils for this very useful pencil roll.

Most of my pencils are Faber-Castell Polychromos and Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer. The latter are watercolour pencils which I use as “normal” coloured pencils. I like those FCs very much, but I also own some Pablos from Caran d’Ache and some colourstripes from Lyra.

Quite some time ago, when I decided to try out coloured pencils, I bought a tin with 12 pencils, and from that on I added one pencil or two pencils at a time, depending on what I was going to draw.

I still have got my “first” pencils, but they are getting shorter and shorter, and soon I will have to replace them. Some of them I won’t replace because I don’t really like the colours, some of them I definitely will.


Parrot Tulip

Parrot tulip. Coloured pencils, May 2013

This is another example of the fact that looking at your online drawing shows you all the things which still have to be done. I thought I could call it finished, but I still need to work on the contrast – some parts of the drawing/painting still need to be darkened. Well,,,


Spring. Abstract done with the watercolour tool in Artrage. May 2013

I really enjoyed painting this one. I experimented again with the watercolour tool – tried out various settings on two layers. I also used the chalk tool, because I wanted to have a contrast between the softness or even blurriness of the digital watercolours and the clear cut lines of the chalk.

I call the painting “spring” because in my imagination I can see the pink blossoms of the cherry and the apple tree.



Young reptile

Young reptile. Artrage, May 2013

For the first time I worked with one of the free textures you can find on the web. I also played around with the watercolour tool and the various settings you can choose with this tool.

Pink Abstract

Pink Abstract. Artrage digital painting, May 2013

One of my goals with Artrage is to explore the watercolour tool and to try out the various settings of the tool. It is fun to let the paint flow digitally!

How to draw feet

I have difficulties with drawing feet, and so I was looking for some useful video tutorials on YouTube.

The first one I found was this one:

It is only a bit more than 7 minutes long, and it shows you how to draw rather cartoonish looking feet.

Another more detailed video, created by Sycra, is this one:

Have fun watching!

Another cat

Sitting cat. Digital sketch done with artrage.

This belongs to my series of cat sketches. It was done in Artrage. I added the frame in Photoshop.

In case you are following my blog: There will be no blogpost on Monday, 13 May. I am off to visit my family in the south of Germany, and I allow myself to do the next blogpost on Wednesday 15 May.

Have a great spring time, everybody!

Flying Dragon – revisited

Flying Dragon revisited. Digital painting done with Artrage. May 2013

Working on that piece really taught me an important lesson:

  1. Do not rush with lineart. In this case I definitely was too fast with my lineart which resulted in a piece which was “quick and dirty”. Whenever I want to try something out I tend to rush myself, focusing on a new method (“I want to see whether this will work if I do it this way”).
    Fortunately I’d put the drawing on a separate layer, so I could change it, but I had to change the colouring as well.
  2. Do not give up too early. Well, there was a time when I was considering throwing the whole piece into the trashcan. But I’m not only an impatient person, I’m also a person who doesn’t want to give up. So I made the neck longer, I thought about the light source, I worked on the background. It is still not a masterpiece, but it looks better than the first version does!