I live and work in Berlin, Germany.

Having been trained as a teacher in the 70ies, I got attracted by computers and the Internet in the 80ies and 90ies (when the net was still young…). I taught elder people how to search the web and to communicate via mail, and I taught teachers from all over Europe how to put up a website. I have been and I am still responsible for the website of the institution I am working at, the University of the Arts Berlin. I put up content, and I also support and train people (which is a thing I very much like to do – helping other people to widen their knowledge).

Taking photographs is one of my hobbies, and creative writing is also a hobby of mine. So I decided to present not only some of the pictures I take but also to muse about them or about life in general. To do this in English, which is not my mother tongue, is a challenge for me, and I hope for your patience, dear reader.

19 responses to “About”

  1. Deanna Gracie says :

    Hi Ulla,
    I’ll enjoy visiting your blog and looking at your images! They look great so far and your English is excellent.
    Photography is also a hobby of mine : – )

  2. Pat Denino says :

    Hi Ulla,
    I spent some time wandering around your blog, looking at your posts from the beginning. I see your native language is German. My husband was a German teacher and visited Germany twice with students. We have hosted German students at our house as part of the exchange. I myself only took two ten-week classes in German, and that was forty years ago!

    I’m pleased to have found your blog, or perhaps you found mine. I don’t know what happened first. I enjoy seeing your photos and reading your words. You provide a window to a part of the world I’ll probably not be able to see in person.

    pat denino

  3. swaps says :

    You are doing very well….good English πŸ™‚

  4. Niyaz says :

    Hey thnks for visiting my blog..

    u hve a nice blog 2 …gud to see u πŸ™‚

  5. Karey says :

    Hi Ulla,

    I read your post about Living Alone and loved it. You give great insight and encouragement for anyone who finds themself alone for what ever reason. You have great strenght aa a woman and are a great friend. Keep up the great work and catch you later. Bye.

  6. H.S. Cooper says :

    You have such beautiful photos – I just love your pages Ulla! πŸ™‚

  7. Driftingfocus says :

    Thanks for your comment on my photoblog! (my primary blog can be found through clicking on my name) Your own blog is quite neat and interesting. Mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  8. Driftingfocus says :

    Great! Thanks! Feel free to add me, but you’re not obligated to at all.

  9. Andres says :

    Thanks for your beautiful photographs. I’ve borrowed one of your roses as illustration of spiritual friendship in messages to my distant friends. Some of those I love are thousands of miles away.

    I don’t have a personal website. The website I send is of my spiritual path. I find so much beauty in it, as in your flowers, that I think it is worth sharing.


  10. Chalkhills Collective says :

    Many thanks for your comment on my photoblog. Do visit again!

  11. Reggie says :

    Dear Ulla

    You have a wonderful blog. I love your photos, and you write extremely well, especially if English is not your mother tongue.

    My husband and I visited Berlin for a couple of days in 2006, and we fell in love with your city. The thing that touched us the most – and that had a surprisingly emotional impact on us – was the Wall. Although we are both originally from Namibia (which was originally a German colony), we have German ancestors, and in fact some of mine came from ex-East Germany, so perhaps there was an emotional connection there.

    We loved Berlin, and hope we’ll get a chance to visit again.

    I’ll definitely pop in on your blog again.

  12. Ulla Hennig says :

    thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments – I am glad you like the photos!
    Berlin is a city with tremendous development – regarding architecture, cultural life, economy.

  13. Hans says :

    Hi Ulla,
    Thanks for contacting me through flickr’s, i really enjoyed reading your postings, still got 50% more to go, so far it’s simple and easily readable. Keep it up and do visit my blog too. Take care my friend and have a nice day.
    Rgds, Hans

  14. Paul C says :

    Hi Ulla,
    I would be honoured if you could be an honorary GPS member on the sidebar of my blog. I am particularly looking for a core group of blogger friends from around the world to start.

  15. Giovanni says :


    i have been reading your blog and I thought…would you like to write a post summarizing your experience in the Baltics for Estonian Free Press?

  16. Don Gilmore says :

    Aloha Ulla Hennig,

    I see you too are active on the web, so you too probably have many stories of coincidence and synchronicity involving cases where you browse one thing and it leads to another and another and sometimes miracles happen.

    For reasons to complex to discuss right now, I put in an exact search for the phrase “what do i really want to do” and was amused to get 400 million hits. Obviously, many people are wondering what to do next. Near the top of the list was a blog entry of yours, the one you wrote last May. Yes, I’ve heard that Berlin is a wonderful, livable city with plenty to do. I have not yet visited.

    But the coincidence is your last name, “Hennig”, which is quite unusual in the USA, and happens to be my mother’s maiden name. I can imagine the name is more common in Germany, but I couldn’t resist saying “Aloha from Hawaii” to you, a possible relative.

    Of course, all humans are rather closely related according to our DNA, but it would be special if our family trees crossed. For me, the “Hennig” name comes from a late 1800’s grandfather named Leopold, married Anne, had three daughters who came to America around 1920.

  17. Jackie says :

    Personal question… Your name came up when I was searching for more information on the Hennig’s. My Tante Ulla Hennig lived in Berlin and passed away a few ago back now. She had two daughters, Margit and Ilona. I was wondering if you were by chance related. (My maiden name is Hennig. My father was born in Berlin – Klaus-Peter Hennig. My grandmother was Hildegard Hennig, and my grandfather was Fritz Hennig). I live in Canada where the name Hennig is not very common, but in my research, I have found that Hennig is very common in the southern States.

    Just curious

    Thank you

  18. livvy30 says :

    Hi Ulla
    Your blog is lovely-I really like your photoshop art too! And, as an English teacher, I can say your English is really good πŸ˜‰
    Livvy http://ayearinmyshoes.wordpress.com

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