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Fighting Man

Fighting man

Drawing of a fighting man. Ullahennig October 2011

I did this with pencil on a piece of paper. I had one of the poses from as a reference picture. I put the focus on the fighting pose, not so much on the details like arms, feet and hands.

A Year ago

Sometimes it is good to look back. In October 2010 I painted with copic markers for the first time, and enjoyed it quite a lot. You can see one of the copic paintings here – it is a drawing of a sitting dog coloured with copic ciaos.

I’ve done quite some drawings in the meantime, but I still think the coloured dog is one of my best so far. Enjoy!


Belvedere - inside

Belvedere on the Pfingstberg near Potsdam. Photo: Ulla Hennig, September 2011

The Belvedere is a small palace on the Pfingstberg in Potsdam, the capital of the federal state of Brandenburg. It was built between 1847 and 1863. After WW II it fell into disrepair. Between 1988 and 2005 it was repaired by a group of local residents and is now open to tourists again.

The Brandenburg Landscape

My friend Carina is a great photographer. She lives in Berlin together with her husband, and in her free time she explores the beauties of nature in Brandenburg, the federal state which surrounds Berlin.

Brandenburg has a lot of small lakes. Many of them lie hidden somewhere between the trees, and you can go there and spend a whole day without seeing anyobdy. They are perfect places to recover from the noise of Berlin.

Sitting Person

Sitting Person. Sketch by Ulla Hennig, october 2011

I find it very difficult to draw people. In fact up to now I found it that difficult that I avoided to draw them. But a few days ago I read somewhere in the interwebs that in order to learn and get better you have to focus on things you don’t like to do. So I decided to take one of the reference photos of human beings (actually I browse through old magazines and collect the pages which I think might be useful as reference material) and to do a sketch which shows a person sitting on the ground.

I know that it is far from perfect. I know that describing it in this way is a euphemism. But although this is a public blog I also have this blog as a documentary tool for myself, to show me the way I am taking and the progress I am making (hopefully).

So I boldly present that drawing at the beginning of my learning curve, and I invite you, dear reader, to accompany me on my way.

Gone Colour crazy

Colour crazy. Inkscape, Ulla Hennig October 2011

Inkscape has got wonderful tools. One of them is the stamp tool. You select an object, keep the spacebar pressed and move the object in whatever direction you want to. After you’ve done that you can change the colour of the objects, move them around, create new stamps.

This image above is just a colour orgy. You can see in it whatever you want to see in it – a kind of worm, a flexible tube, some colourful sci-fi monster. I just created the forms because I wanted to play with the tool. So if you would ask me what I had in mind while creating this the answer is “nothing special”. I just moved the cursor and had fun!

Egg shaped Mannikin

Egg shaped mannikin. Done with Inkscape. Ulla Hennig, October 2011

Well, the egg has got eyes and two arms with hands now. It is still lacking a mouth, but I think it can do without it. It speaks with its hands.

Maybe someday I will tell a story with him / it / her. But tomorrow my drawing lessons will begin, and I am afraid that I will have to focus on them as long as they last – which means till the end of November. I hope that the lessions will result in something to present here. I’ll keep you posted.

Egg with Feet WIP

Egg with feet

Egg with feet. Made with Inkscape

It is a work in progress. I wanted to create a threedimensional form, so I began with a circle, made it longer and then added gradients and blurs. There is something wrong with the foot on the left, and I have been trying to do away with the flaw, but at the moment I don’t know why it’s here – in Inkscape the form looks okay. I am thinking about giving it a face – or at least two round eyes – and two arms and hands.

October and November will be months of learning for me: From next Tuesday on I will be participating in a drawing course at the University of the Arts Berlin. The group will be small, not more than 7 or eight participants, and it’s Tuesday from 4 to 7 pm.

The other thing I am very much looking forward to is the opening of a website called at the beginning of November with a lot of tutorials and basic knowledge about vector drawing. I am in contact with the man who will be responsible for that website (he’s on Twitter as @humannature_84) and he promises to offer tutorials for Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape users. This is great because otherwise I have to “translate” from one software (Adobe Illustrator) to the other, and sometimes the one cannot do what the other one can.

I expect a lot from both offers and will keep you posted on my experiences.


Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves. Vector piece done with Inkscape in October 2011, Ulla Hennig

I love the colours of Autumn, and I wanted to create them with Inkscape. I try to practise with that software as often as I can (which means almost daily after work), but I still sometimes have the feeling of walking over very unsure grounds…

Going ornamental

ornamental purple

Purple ornaments. Created by Ulla Hennig, October 2011

Yesterday I discovered the website It’s a great website to create ornaments with. It needs a bit of playing around in order to discover the full range of its potential, and this was my third try. You can download your results as a wallpaper, as a design (which produces the ornament with the background colour), and as geometry which enables you to put it on the background of your choice and also to add colours to it using the magic wand.

One more example of how to work with the designs you can see on my website.

I used the design – with the background – for some of my Zazzle products, as you can see on my Zazzle blog.