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The Frog Princess

Frog princess. Ballpointpen drawing coloured with coloured pencils. December 2013

A few days ago I went through my youtube feeds and put a “drawing” label on the ones which showed drawing tutorials. I keep them in my mailbox until I watch them and pin them. The painting youtube tutorials got a “painting” label, and the ones which show digital painting tutorials a “digital painting” one.

That was the first step, and it took quite some time to get every mail labeled with the appropriate label. Then I went to the mails labeled “drawing” and searched for something which could be done without investing too much time. I found the video about how to draw a frog princess, fetched my sketching paper and did a quick sketch. You can see the result in the picture above.

It is one of my goals for the year 2014 to do quick sketches on a regular basis. Mind you, I don’t say anything about what “regular basis” means – once a week, twice a week or every fortnight. … But regular it will be.

Surreal Landscape

Surreal landscape. Acrylics on watercolour paper, Ulla Hennig December 2013

I had no specific reference in mind when I did this. What I had in mind, though, was the notion of contrast. Contrast between the complimentary colours of red and green, contrast between the dried out brown earth with the dead trees and the rich green in front of an angry red sky.

I learnt three things when I did this acrylic painting:

  • Definitely leave the watercolour paper on the pad until you have finished the painting. The sheets of my watercolour paper pad are not very thick, so they easily crumple when paint is applied.
  • I used masking paper for the first time to get clean lines. Actually it was the kind of paper you roll around parcels, but it worked quite nicely.
  • Those PITT Artists brush pens can be used on top of dry acrylic paint in order to do some details (like the trees for example).

Happy Holidays everyone!

Two days and we’ll have Christmas Eve. I wish everyone who’s following my blog or who’s dropped over from some other place

Happy Holidays with your family and/or your friends wherever you may be!

Have a great time!

Red Dwarf and Mushrooms – final Version

Red Dwarf and mushrooms – final version. Acrylics on acrylic paper. Ulla Hennig December 2013

I think there could be a few stories told – the story of the red dwarf with the furry hood, arriving mysteriously from some other place much more way north at a spot where ever thing is green; the story of the two mushrooms which do not know how to deal with the little foreigner–and so on and so forth. Just let your imagination run wild!

Two mushrooms and a red dwarf – WIP

Two mushrooms and a red dwarf. Acrylics on acrylic paper. Ulla Hennig December 2013

Seems that I am obsessed with mushrooms. To me they have character and personality. They inspire me to invent stories in which they play an important part. I added a little red dwarf, and you can decide whether the dwarf is telling something to the mushrooms (“I know a way to prevent those big ugly humans coming into the forest and taking you away”) or the mushrooms are telling something to the dwarf (“Stop being such a noisy and cheeky dwarf and listen to our wise words”).

Of course the painting is still very much in progress. It looks very flat because it there is no real contrast between dark and light. I must say however that my scanner makes the painting look brighter than it looks in reality. Nevertheless there’s quite some work to be done before I will be able to call it finished.

Be Happy!

Be Happy! Acrylics on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig December 2013

I just wanted to try something different with my acrylics. I had noticed from some other painting I am working on that the PITT Artist Brush Pen works quite nicely with the acrylic paints, so I felt like doing something more graphic design like.

I used watercolour paper and did the underpainting with a tiny speck of blue and a bigger amount of white. Then I drew the shape of the bird (without its legs) and the blossoms with a pencil. When I began to apply lemon yellow I noticed that I had to add some white in order to make the paint opaque, and you can still see the light blue shining through on some spots of the bird. I am not quite sure whether that is because of the low quality of the acrylics I bought or whether that is the case with every lemon yellow you buy.

In the end I added the feet of the bird, the stems and leaves of the flowers and did the outlines with the Artist Brush Pen.

Acrylic tutorial – how much water?

I had been looking for acrylic painting tutorials on YouTube, and I was very glad when I finally found this channel with videos made by Brandon Schaefer. He has a mixture of longer videos, some of them similar to online art classes, and shorter videos where he focuses on special issues. The following video focuses on how much water and how much paint you should use when you’re painting with acrylics. I wish I had seen this before I did my first acrylic painting because I had way too much water on my brush!