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Thistle. Coloured pencils and markers. Ulla Hennig September 2012

This is a contribution to the September challenge of the “Florals and Botanical” Forum over at WetCanvas. I’d already participated in May and June, but missed July and August.

I like those challenges, not only because I have to stick to a certain subject or theme, but also because you learn so much by looking at the other people’s contributions, seeing different styles and different mediums. In addition to that the people are so friendly and supportive!

The Mushroom elf

Mushroom elf

Mushroom elf. Markers and coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig, September 2012

I drew that out of my – wild – imagination. I was inspired by a photo of two mushrooms, and I had drawn the little boy quite some time ago, so I thought I could combine mushrooms and elf/boy.

This time I did the drawing mostly with my markers, using my coloured pencils mainly to add shades.

Impala Antelope

Impala Antelope

Impala Antelope. Coloured pencils and markers. Ulla Hennig, September 2012

This was drawn after a photo reference from the Reference Images Library at WetCanvas. It was one of the photos which served as photo references for the September challenge at the Animals and Wildlife Forum. I took part in that challenge for the first time, but it certainly won’t be the last!

I found doing the background more challenging than doing the animal itself. Somewhere I read that the colour “green” is a difficult one because it is easily done in a way which is not realistic. I used all my greens (light green, two kinds of dark green) and put some blue in it. In the end I did some blending with a very light grey marker.



Wild. Coloured pencils and markers. Ulla Hennig September 2012

This piece began as a doodle, just a few strokes with a coloured pencil here, and a few strokes there. I even used a rather scrappy piece of paper. But then I thought: “Why not keep on and try to make something out of it?” Then there was a moment when I thought I’d messed it up completely and considered putting the whole thing in the bin. However I kept on drawing, filling in paint and adding strokes and the background. And in the end, I didn’t feel too bad about it.



Blossoms and leaves

Blossoms and leaves

Blossoms and leaves. Coloured pencils and markers

I notice that I am having fun doing backgrounds – something which I have been avoiding for quite a long period. I think that I am getting really into colours now. Working with markers and coloured pencils doesn’t need much preparation – they are easily grabbed, and easily put away in the evening (I need the table for breakfast in the morning).

I also notice that art plays a big role in my daily life. My art activities range from painting/drawing a piece to looking for references, tracing, sketching, doodling to watching art tutorials on youtube or following threads on WetCanvas. They differ in how much time they take; of course I have more time on Saturdays and Sundays, but I manage to make at least 30 minutes for art on a normal week- and work day. Art has become something for me which I won’t do without – you may call it passion.

Tulip with Background


Tulip. Coloured Pencils and Markers.

I am still continuing my experiments with background. This one I created with a number of coloured pencils in the shades of red, magenta, blue, covered by a marker with the colour of lavender. I am quite satisfied with it, making the flower popping out and kind of glowing.

Pink Rocks

Pink rocks

Pink Rocks. Coloured pencils and Markers. Ulla Hennig September 2012

Here I tried various combinations of coloured pencils with a single marker, which means that I used the markers more or less as blenders. I used grays and light pink as marker blending colours over  two or three coloured pencils of the same colour (for example: blue), and then with the marker blended them together.

I had no reference for the painting. In the beginning I just wanted to play with round forms. Then I had mussels in mind, then that image converted slowly into something more rocky-ish.

Orange fantasy piece

Orange fantasy

Orange fantasy. Coloured pencils and markers. Ulla Hennig September 2012

This time I changed the order in which I put down coloured pencils and markers: I first applied the coloured pencils, putting various colours over another. And then I went over that with the marker. And I added a background for the first time. I must say that I’m quite satisfied with the result. It makes me want to try more pieces with a background.



Branches. Marker and coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig, June 2012

I did this quite a time ago. It was a colour study: What could I do with one marker (copic ciao, Dull Ivory) and several pencils in various shades of brown? I did something similar with greens, and that colour study has been quite helpful in the meantime.

Shapes and Proportions

Youtube is a great place to look at other artists’ pieces, but also a great place to learn and get inspired. I’ve subscribed to quite a lot of channels, and I have to put time aside to catch up with the loads of videos coming in.

The following one is a really good one about drawing with shapes and changing proportions in order to give the figures a certain character. It is very playful and makes you grab your pencil and try for yourself…