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The Best Posts of 2008

Only two days, and the year 2008 will be over. Everywhere, in magazines, newspapers, on tv you will find articles or broadcasts covering the “most important events”, or “the most important people” of the year 2008.

Joanna Young, over at asked her blogger friends to send in what they thought “their best posts of 2008”. The result is impressive. Please have a look – there’s a lot of excellent reading for you!

By the way, I humbly admit that I’ve got a contribution included there as well.

Five Things you might want to Know about Me

Well, I have been tagged by Joanna Young, and actually by Robyn McMaster too. But I decided to shorten the list down to five things and I think, that you will get some picture of me as well.

  1. I am a fervent reader of productivity blogs because I think I could need some help in this field and I would love to be more organized.
  2. However, there’s some inner chaotic gremlin who keeps on saying: “Forget the to-do-list, just do what you like to do this very moment”. This leads to periods of procrastination and to sudden attacks of decluttering and cleaning.
  3. I like beauty – the beauty of words, the beauty of music (classic and rock and jazz), the beauty of paintings and sculptures (I love the Italian renaissance), the beauty of nature.
  4. I hate conflicts and love harmony between people.
  5. But I can throw a tantrum (you know, I have got reddish hair!) when I am dealt with in an unfair manner.

I don’t know a lot of people whom I could tag, but there’s one: Rosa Say!

Simply the Best

In a few weeks the year 2008 will be over. It was my first year of blogging in English. Actually it was not a whole year – my regular blogging days began in July 2008. I find it quite difficult to pick out “simply the Best”. What is a good post, and what is the best one?

I decided for an experimental post from November:

Old and New – Story from Berlin

It is a mixture out of fiction and non-fiction, together with a photo. It is the story of a an old house at the Potsdamer Platz.

The post is simply the best because it creates a sense of place although every native English speaker certainly will notice that English is not my first language.

This post is a contribution to Joanna Young’s Writing Project Simply the Best.

The Gift of Time

“Can you please come – I need you!” My husband had just been carried off to the hospital. The ambulance had not allowed me to go with him, so I was left alone in our flat, in a deep shock. I know I would not stand following him to the hospital on my own, alone, perhaps learning in a few hours that he would not survive.  So I made this call.

It was an old friend of mine, Hans Werner, who was just preparing his habilitation lecture. He was always busy, up to his neck in projects. And now, at the end of January, he was writing the last sentences on his lecture.

He answered the phone, talked to me in a soft, calming voice. In the meantime, I was crying into the phone. He said he would come by public transport. It would take him half an hour.

Half an hour later, he arrived. He took me in his arms. Together we went to the hospital, and from that on to the hospital where they had transferred my husband to, because he needed specialist brain treatment. I was told that my husband was in very serious conditions, and Hans Werner sat beside me, had his arms around my shoulders.

He did not leave me alone that night – he and his wife welcomed me at their house, fed me, made one or two cups of hot tea for me and found me a bed to sleep in.

Both of them offered unconditional support and the gift of time. They did not have it, neither she or him, but they offered their time generously. At that time I was too worried about my husband to acknowledge that gift properly. But now, almost two years later, I know what they have done, and I am immensely moved by their generosity.

This is my December contribution to Robert Hruzek’s Group Writing Project “What I learned from the Generosity of Others“.