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Little witch – Finished

Little witch. Artrage and Photoshop. August 2013

This little witch is a digital painting version of a witch I once did as a vector drawing. I sketched it again with pencil, pen and ink and scanned it into photoshop in order to remove the background. Then I imported it into Artrage. I noticed that I had to work on the lines again, many of them weren’t clean. I very early did the first colouring in order to get the general colour composition. First the hair of the little witch was yellow, but then I had the feeling that it needed to be red (Haven’t red haired people been accused of being devilish in earlier times?).

The last step was to export it into photoshop again and put it on a second layer, with a green layer below it in order to be able to check out those tiny white spots and remove them. I like this little witch and think it might be another nice design for Zazzle…

Goblin – finished

Goblin. Digital painting (Artrage and Photoshop), August 2013

I admit – I had fun doing this. It seems to me that I feel more attracted by doing digital paintings at the moment than by doing coloured pencil artwork. I however know in the meantime, that this is also important and useful for my “traditional” art activities.

Digital painting for me means a combination of pencil or ink sketches, doing some lineart cleanup in photoshop, adding colour in Artrage and applying finishing touches in Photoshop again. At the moment I am learning how to use the airbrush tool and the pen tool in Artrage.

By the way – the next project is already under way!

Goblin – work in progress

Goblin. Work in progress

The digital painting is based on an pen and ink sketch I did quite some time ago (1 year I think). I scanned and imported it into photoshop in order to remove the background with the magic eraser. Then I imported it into Artrage.

At first I didn’t remember that in order to be able to paint on it and still see the lines you not only have to put the coloring layer below the sketch layer but also to set the sketch layer on “multiply”. I actually had to watch one of these very useful video tutorials to realize that i’d done some unnessary work in the beginning in Artrage.

However I then knew it again and went on colouring the goblin with the airbrush tool in Artrage. This tool is very new to me, but I love it. You can create very nice shadings with it!


Pumpkinman on Zazzle

In my last post you saw him – the pumpkinman (yes, I think it is a “he”). I decided to put him on some Zazzle products:

Here’s a return address label.

And here’s the pumpkinman on a watch:

Pumpkinman Watch
Pumpkinman Watch by ullahennig
Look at Halloween Watches online at

And here’s the mug:

Pumpkinman revisited


Okay, so I decided to start from the beginning again. I deleted the layer I had been working on and set up a new layer for the lines. When I was happy with the lineart, I again set up a new layer for the coloring process, and put that layer below the one with the lines. I then decided where the light was coming from and coloured the pumpkinman with a medium orange or geen. Then I went for the shadows first, and then, in the end, for the highlights. I did all that with Artrage Studio pro. I then exported the painting into photoshop, removed the background with the magic eraser and added a black background layer.

I plan to use that painting as a design for Zazzle, but I will take my time and have a look for those nasty spots of colour which will have to be removed before uploading it to Zazzle.

Youtube Art tutorials – How to Choose Colours

I have been following Sycra’s Channel on YouTube for quite some time because he offers loads of inspirational and very useful art tutorials. This one here is one on choosing colours for digital painting, but I think it also can be applied in a sense to painting in general.

It is a bit long – more than 30 minutes – but it is worth taking the time, getting a cup of coffee or tea or whatever beverage you prefer and watching it. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Man – work in progress

Pumpkin Man – work in progress

I just wanted to have fun with artrage again. I did the sketch with pencils and an ink pen on a scap of paper, and then scanned it into photoshop. I removed the background with the magic eraser and then imported it into Artrage.

I hadn’t done anything in Artrage since the beginning of 2013 because I was focussing on drawing and painting with coloured pencils for my first group exhibition in July 2013. When I drew this pumpkin man I hadn’t the intention of colouring it digitally. Actually I’ve got the sketch also drawn on a piece of cardstock drawing paper. But then I felt that I had to do at least a version in Artrage. It will be fun to compare two versions – the digital and the traditional!

Fairy and Appleblossoms – almost finished

Fairy and Appleblossom – almost finished. Coloured pencils on drawing cardboard 2013

There are still some finishing touches to be done. I’m not quite satisfied with the lower leaf, and the background on the right side is a bit too blueish.

Appleblossom with fairy – wip

Appleblossoms with Fairy. Work in progress

Lots do be done here still. But now I’ve got a general idea where I am going to. For this I changed to cardstock again – which is of course much smoother than watercolour paper.

Back to Zazzle

It has been a long time since I created anything for my Zazzle shop. I needed all my time to focus on my art activities, preparing my part in the group exhibition on July 13 this year.

But now, that I am feeling much more confident regarding my art I want my art to be seen, and Zazzle is a way to do so.

So here’s the Beast and the Beauty on a mug: