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A Tree with Character

I like to take a closer look at trees. At first glance it often seems that they all are the same; but when you take a closer look, you see the differences – the different structure of the branches, and you see the scars in their barks. You see, where branches have broken off, where birds have picked in. Those trees have character – they look old, but dignified, having been standing there for ages, against storm, rain, snow and hail.

The Colours of Summer

This picture was taken at the Britzer Garten, a wonderful park in the south of Berlin. You have to pay an entrance fee (2 Euro, not much really), but the park is taken care of very well, and there are a lot of hidden places where you can sit on a chair, watch other people passing by or simply read a book.

When I saw these lovely colourful flowers I couldn’t resist taking a shot. These are the colours of summer! Today actually the sky is clouded and grey. Taking a look at these flowers brings back the memories of a hot summer day.

Light and Shadow

Around Berlin there are a lot of forests. I like the light and the shadow in these forests. It makes me think of the light and shadows in our lives. There may be big dark patches, but there are always sunny spots, and sometimes there are more sunny spots than you might think.

Looking across the Water

This is a lake in the north of Berlin. It’s called “Tegeler See” or “Lake Tegel”. It’s wonderful to sit at the waterside and watch the swans and the ducks. Or just watch the water glittering in the sun. Although a lot of people come here to enjoy the view I have a deep feeling of peace whenever I come here.

Flowers beneath the Road

One day I was just walking along a street near my flat in Berlin. And then I noticed this flower beneath the road and could not resist to take a picture of it. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

It taught me to look for beautiful things everywhere – not just in someone’s garden or parks where I knew I would find them.

Blue blossoms – sharp and blurry

When I took this picture there was a heavy wind blowing, so some of the blossoms are really blurry, whereas other ones are quit sharp.

It reminds me of the ideas we often have: some of them are sharp – we really know where to go, what do do, what not to do. But some of them – and often that’s the majority – are still blurry and have to be worked upon in order to make them sharp.

What about your ideas and visions – more blurry or already sharp and clear?

Yellow Rose – The Symbol of friendship

yellow rose

Roses in general are very special flowers. But yellow roses are even more special, because up to the 18th century they didn’t exist in Europe. After that they were more and more introduced from the Middle East.

Whereas red roses are a symbol of love, yellow roses stand for friendship and the feeling of joy and delight. So when did you give your a yellow rose to a dear friend?