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Blue Houses #2

These are some blue houses I did with the neocolorII watersoluble wax crayons and some alcohol based marker on watercolour paper. There’s a noticeable difference between that painting and the acrylic ones.- these are for more translucent. Here is a painting I did with acrylics – it also shows some buildings.


Leaves and berries. Acrylics on acrylic paper. September 2015

It is late summer now – or early autumn, depending on how you see it. The trees still have their leaves, but on days with a sharp wind they are slowly loosing them, and when they lie on the ground you notice that the green has changed, and little spots of brown are added to it.

I must admit that I am fascinated by the variety of shapes and colours of the leaves, and this fascination was one reason which made me paint this piece. The other reason was more technical: which greens would I get when mixing green with yellow ochre, and which red would I get when I mix crimson with burnt umber? And how would I get along with a small round brush?

I found some answers to my questions, and all in all I am quite satisfied with the painting. The longer I paint with acrylics the more I capture myself looking at long lists of acrylic paint tubes, asking myself whether I should buy a cadmium red or a hooker’s green or … fun, fun, Fun!

The Hunter

The Hunter. Acrylics on Watercolour paper.

In the beginning there were triangles and the decision to mix ultramarin and white, in order to get several shades of blue. I had this yellow-orange underpainting, and I found out that it was almost impossible to cover that with ultramarine. Then I remembered that you should put on white first, and then the colour of your choice. I did that and it worked a lot better. More and more the triangles changed into something like a flying bat, and I gave it a white beard, a snout and two blue eyes.

I not only wanted to practise colour mixing but also working with a small round brush. I felt that I had far better control of it than when I tried acrylics for the first time!

Mysterious red buildings

This is the second acrylic painting. I used a drawing cardboard as support, and was surprised how the paper┬ádid react – no buckling. I used crimson red and black, and violet for the background. What I had in mind was to achieve various minglings of red and black. You really have to be careful when you use black – you only need a tiny amount of it if you want to get a darker shade of red!

Meat eating Plant

Meat eating Plant. Acrylics on Watercolour paper.

After having had so much practice with my Neocolor II watersoluble wax crayons I felt courageous enough to use my acrylic paints again, in order to get practice with them also. I’m not feeling very confident painting with acrylics, but on the other side I think that things may change eventually when I am using them more and more.

I thought that I should begin in a small format, and the task I gave myself was to work with three colours – crimson, sap green and white. I wanted to mix lighter reds using white, and darker reds, using green as the complimentary colour. I also tried to paint with looser brushstrokes. The only thing I knew about the subject was that it would be abstract, and when I saw something come into existence which looked like a meat eating plant to me I tried to enforce that.

I must admit that I was having fun in the process. Acrylics are a very fast medium (you have to be fast, otherwise your paint dries quicker than you want it to do), and just for now it seems difficult for me to do detailed work. But all in all I feel encouraged to go on painting with Acrylics for a while!

Marks and Patterns

Marks and Patterns. Neocolor II on watercolour paper. September 2015

My goal was to get several green and red hues on the paper, together with geometric patterns and some decorative marks.


Poppy. NeocolorII on watercolour paper. September 2015

It was fun mixing all those various shades of green and red! Some time ago I had done a drawing of a poppy blossom and now used this drawing for the painting. I used my new Saral transfer paper to get it from the sketch paper onto the watercolour paper.