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Figure drawing

One of the things I definitely have to work on is drawing the human figure. When I searched for “drawing fantasy” I found this video, and as I think it is pretty useful I present it here.


YouTube – a Source of Inspiration for Artists

I mentioned earlier that YouTube is a wonderful resource for art tutorials, especially regarding drawing and painting (traditional and digital). But during the last weeks I found out that it also can serve as an amazing source of inspiration.

I discovered Graeme Stevenson’s channel. He’s got a series going on called “Colour in your Life”. He lives in Australia and drives through his country on his bike, visiting artists. His videos on the one hand show the works of the artist(s) and on the other hand allow us to participate in their process of creating art.

I include one example here:

Copic Coloring Tutorial on YouTube

I found this tutorial when I was looking for copic coloring tutorials on YouTube. There are lots of tutorials about colouring hair or skin with markers, but only a few which show how to colour flowers. In this video you not only learn how to colour a beautiful red rose but you also get information about the right paper.

Copic Marker Tutorial on YouTube: Realistic Giraffe Baby

As I am focussing on drawing with markers at the moment I also browse through the hundreds of YouTube Video tutorials. I discovered this one which I find very, very helpful. Not only because it shows how to paint/ draw a baby giraffe (I love to paint animals!), but also because it describes the process of laying down one colour after the other. Enjoy!


A Splash of Paint

“A Splash of paint” – that’s the ongoing series of the Painting and Drawing Channel which is sponsored by the SAA, the Society of All Artists. The video below shows Part One of the episode 41, focusing on how to do cat’s whiskers and add highlights to a cat portrait done with pastels and presenting a special kind of brush which is called swordliner brush.

Each episode consists of four parts which last each about 12-15 minutes. There are parts focusing on acrylics, on oil painting, on watercolour painting, and now and then there is an interview with a so called “book worm” who presents a new art book.

I have been following those videos for quite some time. I am doing it because of the variety of subjects and mediums and because I’ve found it easy to watch and listen to them, although English is not my first language.

So maybe you’d also like to subscribe to the channel on YouTube?

Drawing tutorials on YouTube – Perspective

I used the free time in my 2 weeks vacation to create three categories for my art video tutorials from Youtube: one for painting tutorials, one for drawing tutorials and and for digital tutorials.

The following drawing tutorial is from ShooRainerDrawing channel and focuses on three point perspective. This tutorial is quite short for something as complicated as a three point perspective. However ShooRainer managed to get me interested in learning more about three point perspective. He’s got a cute drawing style and I like the examples he gives.

Acrylic tutorial – how much water?

I had been looking for acrylic painting tutorials on YouTube, and I was very glad when I finally found this channel with videos made by Brandon Schaefer. He has a mixture of longer videos, some of them similar to online art classes, and shorter videos where he focuses on special issues. The following video focuses on how much water and how much paint you should use when you’re painting with acrylics. I wish I had seen this before I did my first acrylic painting because I had way too much water on my brush!


Inkscape Tutorial – Blur and Clip Technique

As you might have seen in some of my blog posts I am doing quite a bit of vector artwork in Inkscape. There are a lot of very helpful video tutorials on YouTube, and one of these is presented here. It is easy to follow and gives an introduction to many of Inkscape’s tools.

By the way, the next blogpost will be on Wednesday, 30 October. I am leaving Berlin for a few days in order to meet with my family in the South of Germany.

Video Tutorial – How to paint hair

I’ve been watching  Xia Taptara‘s tutorials on digital painting for some time now on YouTube. You really need to get some beverage and take some time, because they are not short. But it is worth it. I especially like the one below, because it contains a lot of information and makes me want to try out painting hair as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Photoshop Painting tips – video tutorial

Xia taptara’s You tube channel is a wonderful resource for everyone who’s interested in digital painting with photoshop. In this video he shows 5 ways to find darker color or shadow:

You can find other video art tutorials here and here.