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Back again!

Red and Blue. Acrylic paints on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig, July 2012

I had a wonderful creative week outside of Berlin in Buckow, a nice little town in the federal state of Brandenburg. I spent the time together with a pair of dear friends who are artists, and Günter, one of them, is an expert with acrylic paints. I’ve never tried them before, and was very glad to have the opportunity to use his paints, palettes and brushes.

One day after I arrived in Berlin again I went to a local art shop and bought a so called “starter set” with paints made by Daler & Rowney. The painting you can see here is my very first finished acrylic painting. I mixed blue and red, and tried out several colour combinations. I had so much fun doing it that I intend to go on with Acrylics!

Gone fishing!

While you are reading this I am spending some relaxing days in Buckow, a nice little town in the federal state of Brandenburg. I am probably drawing, painting or taking photographs. I will be back on Monday, 30 July, and I hope that I’ll bring with me some pieces to show you.

In the meantime – enjoy the summer!

Dancing Dragon

Dancing Dragon

Dancing Dragon. Lineart done with Staedtler pigment liners. Ulla Hennig July 2012.

This is the result of some doodling around with pencils on a piece of scrap paper. When I had finished the rough sketch I decided it was good enough to develop it further into a lineart drawing.

I plan to colour it with my markers and coloured pencils, but I do not know yet when.

Colours and forms

Abstract forms

Abstract painting. Markers and coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig July 2012

I tried out two things with this piece:

  1. Doing an abstract painting with markers and coloured pencils and
  2. Using watercolour paper with markers

This is not my first abstract painting. I did one with watercolour pencils (wet) which you can see here. Painting in an abstract way is still an adventure for me, especially because I still feel kind of unsure about which colours to use next to which ones. I must admit I hated colour theory when we did it at school, and although I don’t hate it anymore I still prefer to use colours not according to some theory but according to my spontaneous imagination.

Regarding the paper I had been using drawing paper or board all the way long up to now with markers, and it seemed okay to me. However I’ve still got some watercolour paper left, so I wanted to have a go with it. I must say that I am quite pleased with the result. Of course there is some bleeding outside the lines. I could have removed the spots in photoshop, but I decided to do that when I use the painting for a design on Zazzle – which I am not certain of as yet.

A Floral Design

This floral design is based on a drawing with markers and coloured pencils. You can see the original drawing here.

I am so glad to have found a way to combine my art activity with my Zazzle shop. Of course there’s still a time problem – the art piece has to be cleaned up and prepared for Zazzle. This one I intended to work as a design from the moment I did the sketching on a piece of paper. I also plan to create a pattern with the flower – three or four flowers arranged in an ornamental and decorative way in photoshop. But that’s a project for my vacation days…

An inspiring art video

YouTube has been developed to a wonderful place for people who are interested in art, who want to be inspired and who want to learn.

I’ve subscribed to some channels, and the one of  ThadTaylorArt is one of them. I hope you’ll enjoy this video as much as I did and still do (it is one of them which I watch more than once).

Variations in Purple

Purple flower #2. Markers and coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig July 2012

I definitely love the colour purple. In this drawing I used three markers with three different shades of this colour, and I also used magenta and violet with coloured pencils.

For me purple means energy and an intensive joy of  life. There are so many purple flowers (although I think that there are no purple roses) in summer. When I did the drawing I again had no special flower in mind – however I would be happy to learn that it has some similarity to an existing one.

This time I used pastel paper – I had some left and wanted to know how it would react to the markers.   I noticed a bit of bleeding here and there (thanks to photoshop you don’t see it anymore) but otherwise there was no problem. I am thinking about trying markers on some scraps of some smoother watercolour paper and then experiment with coloured pencils on top of them.