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A new week and a resolution

My three weeks’ vacation is over, and the moment you will be reading this I will be off to work again.

I am writing this blog post on Sunday, the last day of my vacation, and the last day of the week (here in Germany, the week begins with Monday!). I had a great vacation with a lot of creative activities, and it was long enough to build some creative habits which included the writing of some short stories, the creation of some digital paintings and, and that is the activity I am very glad about and proud of, drawings and even the coloring of one of those drawings with water color pencils.

During that time it became clear to me that I need those creative activities, that I have been looking forward to them from one day to the next. I am firmly decided to keep them up, even when I will have less time for them due to my regular working hours.

I know that there is nothing worse than making resolutions you can’t keep, so I’ve put together a list of things which can be done even when the time is scarce:

  • try out things with my water color pencils without doing a whole painting. That could be: experiment with blending techniques, with different methods of using water.
  • explore the tutorials on Youtube
  • put up a list of ideas for the next painting/drawing
  • download / print out photos which could serve as masters
  • as the writing summer space is still going on: write a piece once a week; jot down ideas for possible stories
  • set up a creative journal for all those ideas

And always keep in mind: I am entitled to my creative activities – they are not some kind of luxury, they are part of my daily life!

Doug the Daring Dolphin

Doug the Delphin

Here’s my newest critter – Dough the Daring Dolphin! He’s another result of me playing around with vektor graphics, this time with Adobe Illustrator. I must admit that I had a tutorial which I followed, but as always the result does not look exactly like the dolphin in the tutoral.

One thing that I am just thinking about is the fact that I have no restriction to try out new things with a computer graphics program. But I am inhibited regarding doodling around with pencils and paper. The reason could be that I seem to be a quite perfectionistic person, and with computer graphics you can just delete the file and begin from the beginning. In the pen and pencil reality you have to throw the result into the paper basket – another page of that sketchbook gone! Waah! Failure! Idiot! You see that you can’t do it!

I know that some artists are following my blog, and so I would be very much interested in the way you deal with the fact that not everything you create is perfect (if I may say this).

Hugo the Happy Ghost

Hugo the happy ghost

Hugo the happy Ghost. Illustration by Ulla Hennig

At the moment when I am writing this it is more than 30 degrees Celsius outside and about 25 degrees inside. So it is quite strange to think about Halloween yet (although thinking of those autumn days could have a cooling effect on me…).

But I am the proud owner of a zazzle shop and I am told that you have to think months ahead, and, of course, produce months ahead. Well, the chocolate for Christmas is alreading being produced, same as the christmas tree decorations. So why not think about Halloween yet?

Well, here I stop to pretend to be the cool marketing savyy woman. Hugo was the product of joyfully doodling around with Inkscape. I am still learning new things with this program, and I am learning by doing. There are a number of tutorials on the web, but I prefer to learn by trial and error. It takes longer this way, and sometimes I have to ask somebody or the handbook or a tutorial, but usually I try to avoid it.

And why is it Hugo? Somehow I connect the name “Hugo” with some old noble family, maybe French or English. He’s quite young for a ghost, still not so familar with the ghost world, and not so much into making humans afraid of him. I even imagine him getting afraid by the actions of his ghost family, especially his older brother Renard…

Note to myself: This is utter summer madness.

Bernard, the busy bee

I created that cute little bloke (I don’t know why, but I definitely think this bee is a “he”) on Monday with Inkscape.

Inkscape is the alternative to Adobe Illustrator – it is free, and you can do almost the same things with this program as you can do with Illustrator. I am still an absolute beginner, but I can say one thing: I love to do vektor graphics!
And I must admit: I am thinking of decorating certain Zazzle items with Bernard the busy Bee. It is very hot outside, so my brain is probably going over the bend, but what about a Thank you Card saying: “Thanks for being my Busy Bee!” Okay, woman, stop it. Creativity is one thing – madness another. (Is it really?)
Bernard, the busy Bee