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Back on Wednesday

While you will be reading this I’ll still be away from Berlin. As a few of you might know I was born and raised on the south of Germany.

Every year in the end of July Biberach, the town I was born, celebrates the “Biberacher Schützenfest”, which has not so much to do with shooting, but with the history of the town. There are parades with people wearing historical costumes, from the Middle Ages till the 19th century.

I hope to come back with a lot of photos, and some of them I will publish on this blog.

See you all on Wednesday, 27 July!

Blog and Website – how do they go together?

Sometimes you make a decision and think afterwards. Sometimes then you realize your decision was wrong, but sometimes – or more than sometimes – you realize that your decision was right.

I told you in one of my last blog posts that I put up a new website ( I must admit that in the beginning of that undertaking I was eager to play around with the various templates weebly offers.I didn’t have a plan in my mind. But the more I worked on that website the more a certain plan was emerging in my mind.

For a certain time now creative activities have become central for me, and I tried to present myself on the blog as a creative person. But creativity means many things to me – photography, graphic design, having a small business (yep, I am courageous enough to define my zazzle shop as a small business!), digital painting, drawing with pencil and ink, painting with copics.During the last month I’ve desperately tried to keep a balance on the blog, to show photos on one day, graphic design on the other, and a sketch on the third day. Which meant putting up an editorial plan and sticking to it.

Well, many blog posts are singing the praise of editorial plans, and I guess the majoritiy of you, dear readers with a blog of your own, have one and stick to it. I for my person (and this is very personal) have to say: editorial plans are not made for me. I had some lovely photos on my camera and uploaded them to Flickr. They inspired me to write a blogpost, I wanted to show them. The editorial plan said: wait till next week (or to the end of the week – I think you know what I mean). But the coming blogpost was meant to be a graphic design one, because I am not only a photographer, I’m also a graphic designer.

And here the new website comes in. In the meantime I put up a page for photos, a page for showing zazzle products, and two other pages will follow – one for showing my art, and one for showing some of my squidoo lenses. So whenever I want to show someone what kind of creative person I am I can point them to my website. And my resume my spontaneous, unplanned blogging life: three times a week, and you’ll never know what’s coming next!

3 Blog posts which made me think

There are many blog posts with interesting information, and there are some which I read and then ask myself the question: how do I do it? Here are some of them:


The beginning of June – time for a review

It is the beginning of June. The first half of 2010 has almost gone. So for me it is time to do a review. Where do I stand and where do I want to go?

As things are at the moment I still enjoy my blogging activities – not only at this place here, but also at crabbysbeach, where I write a weekly column on classical music and try to accompany my squidoo lenses with blog posts once or twice a week. And yes, I reactivated my German photoblog and opened an additional blog on my zazzling activities. And here comes the big question: How do I write a blog which is focused on helping me to sell my products? I don’t have an answer to that question yet. The only thing I know is that I am far from being satisfied with this blog. I got a vague idea that I should write stories about me and my products. I will work on that the coming weeks.

Well, that’s blogging. Regarding writing squidoo lenses I am confronted with the problem that you’ve got to keep your pages fresh in order to get found by google. With something over 60 lenses that is not easy. At the moment I am more occupied with updating my “old” pages than with writing new ones. But that activity is fun, too, because it means exchanging photos, adding zazzle products, rewriting.

And then, there’s zazzle. I think that I have some pretty good products in my store – I select the best of my photographs out of the depths of my hard disk. But sales have been almost null, and not only I but a lot of other people are asking themselves: Does beauty sell? Do I create things which I would buy or do I create things which I would not buy but would be bought by other people? Or is it just the season with school ending and people saving money for their travels? And how does the lack of sales affect me? Sometimes my inner whinie is very strong, wanting me to pace my room moaning “nobody loves me – waahhh”. In spite of this I am not thinking of giving up my zazzle activities – it is too much fun sitting at my notebook and creating mugs, mousepads, cards, magnets and stickers with my photos on them.

You may ask how I get all those things done. I am juggling, yes. But I found out that writing down the things I did every day really helps a lot. There are days which are empty regarding these activities, and there are days when I concentrate on writing blog posts like today. But looking at what I did the last weeks shows me that I did get done a lot of things.


One of the blog posts which made me think a lot about how  I am dealing with the multitude of posts  in my reader was “Sunday Reading, Feeds and Blogs – Help!”So now I have a headache. Good grief, no wonder it’s gotten so hard to get people to read blogs. It’s just too much work.”, Rosa Say writes there.

I usually do not get headaches, but instead of that I get feelings of being overwhelmed, of being under pressure, of having a bad conscience when I delete one post after the other because I’ve got to do some other important work to do and do not have the time to read.

I am now using Instapaper. I am going through my feeds very fast, and everytime I think the feed could be useful I click on the button “Read later” in my browser. The feeds are now collected in Instapaper, and I can choose the time for reading them. My google reader is empty (well, until the next day, of course), my inbox is empty.

Of course, Instapaper is now full of interesting articles. The problem of the amount of information which has to be dealt with, is not solved. But at the moment I have got the impression that I feel better doing it that way. I am still experimenting with the tool and will keep you posted.

By the way, did you notice it? I have changed the theme.

Thanks, my Friends!

Dear online friends,

you have been following my blog posts for quite some time now. I loved to read your comments, and even when there were no comments I knew that you were there (and still are!)

Knowing you are here has been a big motivation for me to keep up writing blog posts and presenting my photos. That is why I am sending you this newly made THANK YOU card.

I don’t know the name of every subscriber of my blog – thanks to you, my unknown friends!
But I know some, and these are special. So my thanks go to

Come with me to the beach and enjoy all kinds of music!

Today I’d like you to follow me over to the beach and have fun with music. The beach, that is Squidoo Music, a blogging community writing about all kinds of music.

Every Tuesday I write about Classical Music (the name of the weekly column is “Going Classical”), and the latest story is about the most famous piece of Maurice Ravel, the “Bolero”. Of course there are always music videos with the writing (actually it is more music than writing!).

There are other categories as well: Folk Music, Country Music Fest, Friday Dance Party and the Awesome 80’s, to name a few. Have a walk around – you will find some music you’ll like!

Squidoo Music is a perfect example for a blogging network – people weaving the web together, working on one project.

Tumblr – and how I use it

In my blogpost “Tumblr – what is it good for” I announced that I would use Tumblr regularly and write about my experiences.

Well –

  1. First of all, I have been using it regularly. There are even days with more than one post.
  2. I have been using it as a kind of bookmarking system, not as a blogging tool. With the archive system of Tumblr it is really easy to return to the single pages and follow the links (Note to self: Don’t forget to fill out the “Title” field!).
  3. The single pages on my Tumblr are not a result of a research for a certain subject, but are the accidental results of my online life – twitter, igoogle and my google reader. It was either a blog post which I wanted to re-read, or a certain squidoo lens which I wanted to have at hand.
  4. Nevertheless my February tumblr pages somehow reflect my current interests – you can find links to many art tutorials, some information about photoshop, a bit of SEO and some miscellaneous links.
  5. Yet there is one big question I am asking myself: Why do I collect so many links to art tutorials and leave my brandnew watercolor pencils set still unpacked on the shelf? There seems to be a slight imbalance between theory and practice…

By the way, you are most heartily welcomed to follow me on tumblr:

Tumblr – what is it good for?

Today I had one of these aha-moments. I had been quite busy at work and gave me the permission to tweet a bit. One of the links I followed was the link to Rosa Say’s tumblr. In my opinion she uses tumblr as it should be used: she announces her new blog posts, directs the reader to interesting and inspiring posts on other blogs, presents interesting videos.

I was so inspired by this that I rediscovered my tumblr for the second time. Sometimes in the last months I had got the impression that I was participating in so many social media activities that I was losing the “red thread”, as we say in German. I was creating squidoo pages, I was blogging here and at crabbysbeach and writing a weekly classical music column, I had openend a zazzle store, and of course, I was tweeting. I was hopping from one activity to the other and had the impression that all these activities were not connected with each other.

As far as I can see it by going through Rosa Say’s tumblr (I highly recommend reading it!) tumblr is used here as a kind of focus, a means of connecting her online activities. I now declare: I will try to do that for the next 4 weeks with my tumblr also. And after those four weeks I will evaluate my tumblr activities. Of course I will keep you posted!