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Tulikp. Soft pastels on watercolour paper. January 2014

Still experimenting with my soft pastels. I am also experimenting with the way I digitalize soft pastel artwork. I had no difficulties to scan the dreamy tree, but when I scanned the tulip the result was very strange, and I had to do some heavy photoshopping in order to get a similarity to the painting regarding the colours.

This image was produced with my camera. I had to do work a bit on it with photoshop, but far less than with the scanned painting. Interesting!



Red Dancer

Red Dancer. Acrylics on watercolour paper. January 2014

I painted this with a very limited palette: red, purple and white, and a bit of yellow for the orange sky.

I had bought a 75ml tube of violet College Acrylic made by Schmincke and simply had to try it. I had no specific reference for the painting. I liked the pose of the dancer and then invented the setting for him /her.

The Dreamy Tree

Dreamy tree. Soft pastels on watercolour paper. January 2014

I had a big container with 72 soft pastels laying around for almost two years. My lovely neighbour – an artist herself – gave them to me because she had tried them but not liked them. I then had a go, but decided that they were not “for me” and focused on coloured pencils. I even thought of giving them away but – fortunately – did not do it.

Last Saturday I opened the container, fetched my watercolour pad and began to paint. Don’t ask me why I did that – I just felt like doing it. I first built up the background, fixated it with (yes, I know, I hang my head in shame)–gulp–a hair spray, and when the painting had dried, painted the tree. I had done things which you should not do when painting with soft pastels: I had used watercolour paper, I had used cheap soft pastels (Jaxell – a brand which is unknown to everyone living outside Germany) and I hadn’t used a proper fixative. But: I had soo much fun doing it!

Happy Snowman

Happy Snowman candy tin

Happy Snowman wrapping paper

Happy Snowman magnet

Happy Snowman Magnet
Happy Snowman Magnet by ullahennig
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Rabbits. Drawing coloured with coloured pencils

It looks like it was the time for coloured pencils again. I discovered the drawings on pinterest, and decided to do a coloured version. No big thing, just a quick sketch. The paper I used was not a good paper at all – just some scrap paper, copy paper with prints on one side. I however loved the smoothness of the paper, and I could easily go over some spots with various browns.

New Artflakes Shop

Preview of one of my abstract art pieces on a greeting card in my Artflakes shop

Two days ago I decided to open a shop on Artflakes. Artflakes focuses on greeting cards, gallery prints and posters. Membership is free, and your art pieces can be seen immediately after uploading.

My first impression is that there a lot of kind and friendly people there, who draw, paint, do digital art und take photos. Artflakes is situated in Berlin, my hometown, and greeting cards are printed in and shipped from Germany. This of course reduces the fees for shipping significantly for people from Germany who have refrained from buying products from Zazzle out of that reason.

I do not know whether I will sell (the base provision is 20%), but looking at all these wonderful creations over there is inspiring and motivating in any case.

Dancing. Work in progress

Dancing. Acrylics on Watercolour paper. Work in progress. January 2014

My palette for this painting is very limited – red, violet, yellow and white. It is not my intention to have an anatomically correct figure – I kind of ┬álike the contrast between the clumsiness of the figure and the elegance of the pose… I plan to have some highlights on the figure, though, but only a few ones. Acrylic paints are very forgiving – you can paint over and over again.

I had this painting laying around for some time – I must admit that I felt a bit afraid of working on it. But the moment I got my paints and brushes out my fear and anxiousness was gone, and I enjoyed painting with “real” paints as much as I had creating that fantasy bird with Inkscape!

Fantasy bird – final version

Fantasy Bird. Inkscape January 2014

I had really fun doing this, working with gradients, blurs and opacity in Inkscape. I also experimented with the possibility to union the paths, as you can see on the head and neck of the bird and the way one of the arms is combined with the rump.

Drawing tutorials on YouTube – Perspective

I used the free time in my 2 weeks vacation to create three categories for my art video tutorials from Youtube: one for painting tutorials, one for drawing tutorials and and for digital tutorials.

The following drawing tutorial is from ShooRainerDrawing channel and focuses on three point perspective. This tutorial is quite short for something as complicated as a three point perspective. However ShooRainer managed to get me interested in learning more about three point perspective. He’s got a cute drawing style and I like the examples he gives.

Fantasy Bird

Fantasy bird. Vector art done with Inkscape.

Still not satisfied with the result, but progress has been made. One of the arms has to be moved, and highlights and shadows have to be added.