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Bob Dylan and George Harrison

Last week Bob Dylan celebrated his 70th birthday. I was a young girl back in the 60s when I listened to his songs for the first time. He belonged to the group of folk singers that I loved – Donovan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan.

Somewhere, deep down in my book shelves or even in some containers with old books there must be a book with his lyrics. I bought it cheaply when I was in England for one year from 1974-75, because at that time folk music had ceased to be popular with the masses.

I went up to Youtube and did a long search. Actually there was a video which showed Bob Dylan on the stage in 2010, but I had the impression that there, standing in front of the microphone, was not the Bob Dylan I had in mind. There is a lot of his old songs on YouTube, but with most of them you can just listen to the music and look at an record cover. Not very exciting, is it!

Then I found this video. It is the video of a rehearsal, just Bob Dylan and George Harrison plucking at their guitars. I love it!

Dragon – vectorized

Dragon - vectorized

Dragon - vectorized

Here comes the vectorized version of the dragon I drew with pencil (you can see its scanned image here).I tried not to make him (I definitely think it is a “he”!) too cute, too “kawaii”. I’ve got an image in my head in which the dragon is looking at a colourful flower, obviously admiring it.

So this vector is a work in progress. What do you feel when you look at the dragon? Does the dragon make you feel something at all? I am looking forward to your comments!



Rhododendron. Photo: Ulla Hennig

I pass these rhododendrons every day I go to work. I like the pink (purple?) colour, but rhododendrons come also in white and deep purple. On one of the last days we had a heavy thunderstorm which took some of the blossoms down. So I am quite happy that I took a photo of them last year in May!



Quick sketch of a dragon. Pencil, May 2011, Ulla Hennig

This was really a quick scribble.

I must admit, I love dragons, and dragon stories. Often in fairy tales dragons are bad creatures, and they terrorize villages until a certain knight in white armour and on a white horse arrives and kills the beast. I did not want to draw a dragon which looked “bad”. I still remind one my favorite childen’s book featuring a young dragon called “Nepomuk” who was so sad because he could not spit fire as the other dragons could. There were only little clouds of smoke coming out of his mouth, nothing more. But the young dragon was brave, and in the end he became a dragon like the others and could spit even more fire than his older brothers,..

Bunny with a Red Heart

Bunny with heart - vector done with Inkscape

Bunny with heart - vector done with Inkscape

This is the second version of the rabbit. Whereas the first one you can see here has been doodled on a tiny piece of paper I used my proper sketch pad for this one. I changed the ears and gave the cute guy a heart to cling to.

Then I scanned it and worked on it in Inkscape. I changed the teeth a few times. In the beginning the poor guy looked more like a vampyre bunny (bunny vampyre?) thank he does now. The teeth are still too pointed to belong to a rabbit, but I like it that way.

I am thinking of putting this critter on a mug or a mousepad – everytime I look at him I have to smile, so why not make it possible for other people to get that smile on their faces as well?

Red Blossoms of the Chestnut Tree

Blossoms of the red chestnut tree

Blossoms of the red chestnut tree

Chestnut trees can be found everywhere in Germany. During the summer they provide nice shadowy places in beergardens; in spring they bloom in white and red. The chestnuts themselves are not to be eaten by humans, but children like to make little puppets out of them or feed them to fenced in boars and deer.

The blossoms of the chestnut trees mark the near end of spring and the slow approach of summer. Just now the weather is not so nice here in Germany, but the weather forecast announces about 25 degrees Celsius for the coming weekend. And that means: summer!

Quick Bunny sketch

Quick bunny sketch done with pencil

Quick bunny sketch done with pencil

On Saturday I got my scanner – woohoo! A friend of mine who’s now got an all in one thing (printer, scanner and fax) offered to let me have her old scanner, and of course I could only say “Yes” to the offer. Now I can scan my sketches on the weekend without having to wait for Monday to come in order to use the scanner in the office.

So, after breakfast today, I did a quick sketch on a tiny piece of paper and scanned it. I did not clean it up in Photoshop as you can see, because I wanted it to keep the way it was done – spontaneously, and without using an eraser.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flower - Vector art

Yellow flower - Vector art. Done in Inkscape and Photoshop by Ulla Hennig

Although I know that this piece has some flaws I decided to publish it. It has been put together rather quickly, and I will definitely have to work on it before using it as a design for Zazzle products.

But in relation to the time I have spent on it and the time I have been working with Inkscape I am rather proud of it. In some weeks’ time I will probably look back on it and think “And you really published this? You must have been crazy!” But in some way I like you to give me company on my way, to share my learning curves and my joy about each step I am taking.

Unknown but Beautiful

Unknown but beautiful

Unknown but Beautiful. Photo: Ulla Hennig May 2011

There are certain flowers you could call impressive, majestic, beautiful, eye-catching. Roses for me are such flowers, or tulips in their ever so many colours.

This purple one however has been growing in a quite unspectacular manner in a green patch along the pathway I often take. I don’t know its name, that’s why I call it “the unkknown flower”. However I think it’s beautiful. The funny thing is that the more I look at the photo the more its beauty moves me. It didn’t when I took the photo. I more or less wanted to try out the macro function on my new camera. So my camera made me have a closer look at it – without it I would have passed it without noticing it.

Thank you for the Music!

On Friday evening I went out to a dance party and danced my shoes off. The music was special – from the early days of twist and shout and the crazy time of rock’n roll till – ABBA. I love to move to the music of this band, and there are a few songs I really love. “Thank you for the music” is definitely one of them, and I think it is the perfect one to begin the week with! Here it is: