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Women Soccer World Championship

It is Soccer World Championship time! Well, it is Women Soccer World Championship time. When we had Men  Soccer World Championship last year in South Africa all the restaurants in Berlin were showing the games on public tv, and the people were waving black-red-yellow (golden) flags, and wore t-shirts with black-red-yellow stripes.

None of that yet. Ok, the soccer stadiums are nicely filled with people, but you could still get tickets. The games are on German TV (in the early afternoon and at 6pm local time), but I’ve got the feeling that the numbers of people who watch the games on tv are – limited. Many people, especially men,  don’t consider women soccer to be “proper” soccer.

I just watched the game Brazil vs Australia. Brazil won 1:0, but the Australian women did a good job. It was a game worth watching. But: It was a typical women soccer match.
Men soccer is something different, with more close fights, more body contacts, more tackling. I think the important thing is not to expect women to play soccer like men, which does not mean that women soccer is “bad” soccer. The way in which both – the Australian and the Brazilian women treated the ball was amazing, as well as the way they passed it.

I now look forward to the match between Germany and Nigeria on Thursday evening European time. I will watch it at some good friend’s home. I will use public transport on the way to my friend and on the way back, and I wonder whether there will be people waving flags and wearing t-shirts in the colours of Germany. Let’s see…

Closer view


Closer view, originally uploaded by Ulla2004.

This is one of the few houses left in the southern part of the Friedrichstrape. You can actually read who’s built this house. Below the balcony is written: A. Gutschow
This house must have been built sometime in the end of the 19th century.

Why it is important to remember first attempts

This witch was one of my first attempts with the vector programme Inkscape. I’d just began to explore it, and knew very little of it at that time, in July 2010.

The witch with the funny broom

Witch, done with Inkscape in July 2010

Witch, June 2011

Witch, June 2011

I am terribly bad in parting with things – be it “real” things like books, old photos and drawings or – in this case – old files. Yesterday I decided to open the image you can see above. I suddenly realized my learning curve from July 2010 to the end of June 2011 when I created a second version of the little witch. The difference between those two witches might be hard to recognize for somebody from outside, but I know them very well!

I am still not as familiar with Inkscape than I am with Photoshop, but looking at my very first attempts and working now with them taught we an important lesson: Keep those files because they remind you of how much you’ve learnt in the meantime!

Under the Subway in Kreuzberg, Berlin

In order to understand this you must know that parts of the subway lines in Berlin are high above the ground.
As you can see there is a nice lane for pedestrians (and bikers, of course) under the subway. On the left side there is the “Landwehrkanal”, one of Berlin’s most famous waterways. You cannot see it because of the green shrubs.

Capoeira Dancing at the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin 2011

Capoeira Dancing at the Carnival of the Cultures, Berlin

Capoeira Dancing at the Carnival of the Cultures, Berlin

The carnival of cultures takes places every year in June in Berlin. Many nationalities participate in this carnival – people from Afrika, Asia and lots of people from Brazil, South America. You can hear a lot of Samba music, and you can see capoeiristas performing.

As you can see in the photo above people form a big circle, and in the middle of this circle (which is called “roda” by the capoeiristas, two people move. Capoeira is a mixture of martial art, artistic movements and dance. It is said that it was once developed and practised by African slaves in Brazil who were forbidden to carry any weapons.

Wherever capoeira is shown today it is practised without actually hitting the other person. It looks very elegant, almost like a kind of ballet dancing.

Some Colourful Bird

Colourful Bird

Vector Bird. June 2011 Ulla Hennig

This colourful bird caught my eye when I saw it in my tv journal. So I first had a go at it with pencil and ink, and then vectorized it. It is the colours which attracted me and the result is a bit far from being realistic.


The Buddy Bears of Berlin

One of Berlin's Buddy Bears

One of the Buddy Bears of Berlin

In 2001 the fibreglass life-size sculpture of the Buddy Bear was created, and artists painted approximately 350 bears in various colours. These sculptures now populate the city of Berlin, serving as decorative elements. They stand in front of public buildings, hotels and other private premises.

This one here is ten minutes away from where I live – and I didn’t know that he was standing in that street until I passed him on my way to my local bank. Another bear – one painted in brown colour – stands directly in front of the house next to mine and has been bought by a dentist (the name of the dentist is written on the base on which the bear stands).

I actually like the blue and cheerful colour of this one better!

What am I doing on Zazzle?

Well, the first and most simple answer to that question would be: I am putting some designs which I have created first on products like mugs, mousepads, aprons and the like.

But that’s not what I have been asking myself lately. This week my shop on Zazzle is being featured by other shop owners, on their blogs and facebook pages and on twitter. I am a member of a lovely facebook group which – in addition to giving help and encouragement – features one shop owner every week, and I am honoured to be the second featured one.

Everyone is free to select items which he or she likes best; and it is very exciting for me to see which of my products are chosen. It made me also think about what kinds of design I am offering in my shop – what am I doing on Zazzle?

Well, there are 3 kinds of designs:

  1. Photographies
  2. Paintings and drawings and
  3. Graphic design.
If you want to see examples, hop over to my zazzle blog.
During the last months or so I have been focusing on graphic design, but now the summer has arrived in Berlin, and I am into taking photographies again. So there might be some nice photographiescoming on mugs,mousepads and the like!

The Jewish Museum in Berlin

The Jewish Museum in Berlin

The Jewish Museum in Berlin. May 2011, Ulla Hennig

First the facts as they are given on Wikipedia:

“The Jewish Museum Berlin (Jüdisches Museum Berlin), in Berlin, Germany, covers two millennia of German Jewish history. It consists of two buildings. One is the old Kollegienhaus, a former courthouse, built in the 18th century. The other, a new addition specifically built for the museum, designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. This was one of the first buildings in Berlin designed after German reunification. The museum opened to the public in 2001.”

The museum is only 10 minutes away from where I live in Kreuzberg, Berlin. It presents one big permanent exhibition and always smaller, temporary ones. At the moment there is an exhibition about Radical Jewish culture.



Hand 1 - pencil sketch. Ulla Hennig June 2011

Actually it is my right hand, as I draw mostly with my left hand. I write with both hands, but when I am drawing something I use my left one.

It is quite challenging to draw hands. On the other side you don’t need a reference photo or another person – you can just draw your own hands. I did a second hand pose – it can be looked at at