Strange fruits

Strange fruits

Another mixed media piece in the whole sense of the word: I used chalk pastels first for the three fruits and diluted them with a wet brush. After having let them dry I went over them with gouache paints in order to give them some depth. The background was done with markers.

I noticed that the diluted chalk pastels still had a bit of a chalky surface – they were not smudgy anymore but the surface felt different than the surface of a gouache or watercolour painting. Also the colours didn’t have that richness I am used to when I painted with gouache paints or drew with markers. However the chalk pastels can be used for first layers, I think,

Pink Sunflower

Another fantasy flower – similar to a sunflower, but with pink petals. Gouache paints on watercolour paper, the background has been done with alcohol based markers.

Three eyes

This is another mixed media piece – the eyes have been coloured with gouache, and the rest is markers. I like the contrast between the soft translucent eyes and the flat, “thick” red shades created by the alcohol based markers.
I again used watercolour paper as support.


Red and green Swirls

Old design on a new item! I did this design quite a while ago, but never put it on a t-shirt.

Red and Green Swirls T-shirt
Red and Green Swirls T-shirt by ullahennig
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Yellow Fantasy Flower

This is a mixed media piece: The fantasy flower was done with Gouache paints and coloured pencils, and the background with markers (various brands). I used watercolour paper. The coloured pencils go quite well with the gouache paints, but you have to sharpen the tips of the pencils in order to get the on the tooth of the paper. Regarding the blues I more or less used all my blue markers. I*ve got markers in blue shades from letraset (promarkers), copic, rotbart (delta markers) and graphmaster markers.

Invitation to dance

Invitation to dance. Gouache and markers on watercolour paper.

This time I used alcohol based markers for the background. The markers were a mixture of Delta markers from Rotbart and promarkers from Letraset. And I put some polychromos marks on the gouache painting.

I drew the cute creature out of my imagination. While I was putting on the marker strokes for the background I more and more had the impression that the cute character was doing a little dance or was inviting for a dance…


Creature. Gouache and markers on watercolour paper.

I am still having fun with my gouache paints. I am using up dried gouache paint. Of course it is not as opaque as when coming out of the tube, but I think I am getting friends with the watercoloury look.

I used the stabilo 68 pens and some markers for the background. By putting the marks on the paper in various directions it is possible to create some texture.


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