Geometrical Design

I had been playing around with Inkscape again, and you can see the result here. I created a geometrical design which I uploaded to Zazzle in order to put it on products in my shop. I had done a rough pencil sketch first and then scanned the sketch in. I imported the sketch into Inkscape, but after some time trying to trace the sketch I decided to only use it as a kind of rough orientation.

I plan to add the design to more and more products.

Red and Green

Red and Green. Opaque watercolours

As you can see I continued playing around with my new cheap opaque watercolours. The interesting thing is that I watched a video two days ago which was about trying out cheap opaque watercolours, and the result was surprisingly convincing. For the background I used a black stabilo pen 68 – which looks more brown than black on the original painting and on the scan. Actually it looks like a warm grey.

Three colourful balls

Yesterday I felt like using my brush and some opaque watercolours. I’d bought a set of 24 opaque watercolours, not in tubes, but in some kind of tablets, and I wanted to give them a try.

I did the background using a dark blue stabilo 68 pen, The texture you see was caused by varying the direction of the strokes.

Blue dolphins

This cute little dolphin has been done with Inkscape quite some time ago. Here’s a selection of products which have got the dolphin on them:

Wrapping Paper:

Cute dolphin Wrapping Paper
Cute dolphin Wrapping Paper by ullahennig
Browse Dolphin Wrapping Paper online at


Baby T-shirt:

Monster Dog

In the beginning I wanted to draw a rhino in Inkscape. However I completely failed. The creature I created had nothing whatsoever to do with a rhino – but it looked a bit like a monster dog. So I decided to improvise on that, This is the result.

Chinese Dragon

This Chinese Dragon is another free sampler colouring page from Dover publications. After I found out that my new coated paper goes very smoothly with my printer and with my markers I decided to have a go at it. I used my stabilo and staedtler fineliners, and the stabilo 68 pens. Of course it would be great to have more colours (compared with my markers the colour range of the stabilos and staedtlers is quite limited), but you can have nice shading effects by layering down the colours and by layering down one colour over the other.

Happy Summer!

In one of my last posts I presented a happy flower which I did in Inkscape. Now it has become a design for my Zazzle shop. Maybe you are looking for a wrapping paper which has a happy look and feel – here is one!


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