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Walks in Kreuzberg

kreuzberg, originally uploaded by Ulla2004.

This is the part of Kreuzberg between the Bergmannstraße with their multicultural restaurants, cafes and shops and the tube station “Platz der Luftbrücke”. These are really old houses, but they were restored in the 80es. In former times your social rank could be deduced from where your flat was: poor people had flats with windows to the backyard, with only a small spot of sky. Better off people had flats with windows going to the street.

Looking down


Looking down, originally uploaded by Ulla2004.

Last weekend I was in the southern part of Germany, a town called Reutlingen. It is situated between two mountains (small ones), the Achalm and the Georgenberg. We had a walk round the Georgenberg with nice places to look in the direction of the Schwäbische Alb. It was really a contrast to Berlin!

Graffitti House

Graffitti House, originally uploaded by Ulla2004.

Just a few steps from my home there is this house painted all over with murals. In the eighties, a lot of young squatters used to live there.