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Squirrel – painted with Photoshop

Gray squirrel. Sketch and painting done by Ulla Hennig

This painting was done with one of the most important tools of photoshop, the brush tool. I haven’t done much with this tool up to now, and so it was quite a learning experience for me. It is a way to combine traditional sketching /drawing and digital painting.

I do this only with the touchpad of my notebook. I am thinking more and more about buying  a Wacom tablet, but I want to see if I am really into that kind of art before I buy new things.

Horse in watercolor pencils

Horse painted with watercolor pencils

Horse in watercolor pencils painted by Ulla Hennig

This is my first painting done with watercolor pencils. The anatomy of the horse has its flaws, and you can also see that I have my problems with the technique of working with pencils and brush.

Painting with those pencils definitely meant leaving my comfort zone. But it also meant making new experiences, learning and – after all – having fun!