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Inkscape Tutorial – Blur and Clip Technique

As you might have seen in some of my blog posts I am doing quite a bit of vector artwork in Inkscape. There are a lot of very helpful video tutorials on YouTube, and one of these is presented here. It is easy to follow and gives an introduction to many of Inkscape’s tools.

By the way, the next blogpost will be on Wednesday, 30 October. I am leaving Berlin for a few days in order to meet with my family in the South of Germany.

Video Tutorial – How to paint hair

I’ve been watching  Xia Taptara‘s tutorials on digital painting for some time now on YouTube. You really need to get some beverage and take some time, because they are not short. But it is worth it. I especially like the one below, because it contains a lot of information and makes me want to try out painting hair as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Photoshop Painting tips – video tutorial

Xia taptara’s You tube channel is a wonderful resource for everyone who’s interested in digital painting with photoshop. In this video he shows 5 ways to find darker color or shadow:

You can find other video art tutorials here and here.

Youtube Art tutorials – How to Choose Colours

I have been following Sycra’s Channel on YouTube for quite some time because he offers loads of inspirational and very useful art tutorials. This one here is one on choosing colours for digital painting, but I think it also can be applied in a sense to painting in general.

It is a bit long – more than 30 minutes – but it is worth taking the time, getting a cup of coffee or tea or whatever beverage you prefer and watching it. Enjoy!

Helpful art tutorials on Youtube – perspective

In one of my earlier posts I promised to present helpful art tutorials which I’v been watching on YouTube. Here is one – the first of a series – about perspective. I found it very useful, and I hope it may be useful to you as well!

Tutorial: How to use Coloured pencils

Again and again I am browsing through YouTube in order to find good tutorials relating the use of coloured pencils. Here is one I am quite happy about. I especially like the way you see how shades of colours are built with the layering of coloured pencils.

Inspiring Artists on YouTube

YouTube has become not only a learning place but also source of inspiration for me. It is a way for me to delve into the world of art. In this blog I will – now and then – present artists which I love to watch, be it because I like the way they present their art, or because they do good tutorials or because I love their art.

MissLeilaniJoy is one of my favorite artists on YouTube. Artwise there’s a big difference between the art she creates and the things I do, but: She presents her art in a way which makes me watch the video from the beginning to the end.

Here you can watch her latest video: