Chibi sketch


Chibi. Pencil on printing paper. December 2014

I was watching some drawing videos on YouTube yesterday, and one of them was so inspiring that I grabbed paper and pencil and did this quick sketch.

The next step will be to colour this little chap. The rough sketch would be cleaned up and transfered to a piece of either watercolour paper or drawing cardboard (I am not decided on that yet). However, I wanted the sketch to be bigger, especially for colouring with gouache or watercolour. So I copied the image into my open office writer and enlarged it. Voilà! Now I am looking forward to using my handmade lightbox and cleaning up the sketch.

In the Jungle

In the jungle. Mixed media on watercolour paper. December 2014I

In this painting I combined gouache paints (first layer) with coloured pencils in some places (added to the gouache) and markers (applied on top of the coloured pencils). I am still fascinated by the intensitiy of the colour of the gouache paints, even if you rewet them on your palette. No paint is wasted, and your brushes can be cleaned easily.

I added quite some water to the paints when I did the first layer of gouache. Doing it this way you can get an effect which is similar to watercolour painting.

I also found out that you can get some very interesting kinds of grey when you mix two complementary colours – green and red, depending on the amount of red and green in the mixing.

Funny owl revisited


Funny owl. Mixed media painting. December 2014

This is really a mixed media painting: On a watercolour layer I added some coloured pencils, deepened the contrast with markers and added some gouache greens for the background. I had some green mixes left over from another gouache painting and wanted to know if they could be rewetted and used again for painting. Yes, they definitely could be used. I was surprised about the intensity of the colours (there is still some green left!).

Red Flower


Red flower, painted with gouache on watercolour paper. December 2014

Here I not only experimented with what kinds of subjects can be shown in a round shape, but also with what colours can you get when you mix brilliant red with violet. The yellow inside the flower has been painted with a marker, and the outlines been drawn with a black PITT Artist brush pen.

I love the intensivity of the colours on the one hand, and how easy it is to clean your brush and your palette compared with painting with acrylics. You can even rewet them and use them again like you can do with watercolour paints.

Shades of Green

Shades of Green. Gouache and Markers. December 2014

My set with 12 tubes gouache paint from Reeves contains two greens – one emerald green and one tube of leaf green. I wanted to find out which shades of green you can get when you mix emerald green with yellows – in this case lemon yellow and medium yellow. And as I didn’t want to do this in a simple colour chart I thought it might be nice to do a kind of green colour wheel.

I was really surprised how many shades of green you can get. When the paint had dried I grabbed two markers – a red one and a dark green one and put those tiny little circles on top of the green as a kind of decoration.


Blue Star Mandala

Blue star mandala. Gouache, Colored pencils and markers on watercolour paper. December 2014

It has been a long time since I used my gouache paints. I simply wanted to try out how gouache, coloured pencils and markers got on together. So I coloured my pencil drawing with gouache first, using ultramarine pure in the outer round frame, and ultramarine mixed with white in the inside. I then painted the star, adding less white to the ultramarine than I did inside the round frame, thereby getting a blue which is lighter then the outside frame but darker than the space between the corners of the star. I then grabbed the tube with the lemon yellow and–got a foamy liquid but not a creamy paint. Obviously lying around for such a long time was not so good for the content of the tube. However I managed to get some creamy paint after a while.

When the painting was dry I went over it with my coloured pencils. I had the impression that gouache and coloured pencils doesn’t work as well together as watercolour and coloured pencils do: the surface which you get when the gouache paint has dried is much rougher than that of the dry watercolour. Then I proceeded with markers–and here I noticed that you can blend markers very nicely on top of the gouache surface. So this is something I will continue to play with!

Birds on the Wheel

Birds on the Wheel. Markers and Coloured pencils. Novembr 2014

I first did a layer with markers, carefully choosing colours which were not too dark. Then I went in with my coloured pencils. For the wheel I used several shades of green, and for the birds several shades of red. I love my Polychromos pencils because they make the colours “sing”!


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