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This is my contribution to the August challenge of the Floral and Botanicals Forum over at Wetcanvas – Foxgloves.

I used the shavings of my neocolourII watersoluble wax crayons, diluted with a grop of water, applied with a brush. I used one of the reference photos there as a general inspiration and guideline.

Flower sketches

These are some quick flower sketches which I did as preparation studies for an inkscape drawing. They were done on one morning before work, on some piece of scrap paper.

Blue Flowers

What a difference paper can make! The one I used here is coated paper. It is very smooth, and it is recommended for markers and felt pens. I used my stabilo 68 pens here to try out some blending. I added the black ink lines after I’d done the colouring, because you have to be very careful not to smear the ink. I am more satisfied with the blending of the various greens. You still have to have three shades of a colour – a light, medium and darker one in order to make it look good. Even with this kind of paper you cannot blend a dark blue with a light blue – as you can see above.

Flower Mandala

Flower Mandala. November 2014

I combined PITT Artist brush pens and Polychromos coloured pencils in this painting. They have the same colour names and the same numbers; however the colour range of the PITT Artist brush pens is more limited–there are only 60 colours, whereas the Polychromos pencils have a colour range of 170.

I used a piece of paper from my sketching pad. I am not very happy with the result–the colours are not so intensive as they are on drawing cardboard or even acrylic paper. I’ve got the impression that the ink is sucked in by the paper. As a consequence I will use the sketching paper for what the name says: sketches and drawings which then can be transfered onto the “real” paper.

Flower bookmarks

Flower bookmark. PITT Artist Brush Pen on Acrylic paper. November 2014.

I used acrylic paper which was left over thinking that it might be a nice bookmark. The drawing is my own, just the result of doodling around with pencils and pen.

Blue flowers

Blue flowers. Watercolour pencils on drawing cardboard. September 2014

I decided to re-activate my watercolour pencils and play around with them. I enjoyed doing this painting although it showed me how much I still have to learn regarding mixing colours – as you can see in the smaller flower. However you can only learn by practice, and practise I will.

Notepads on Zazzle

I have been creating some notepads lately. Here are two of them:

Pumpkinflower notepad
Pumpkinflower notepad by ullahennig
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And here are two made by Simone Gatterwe:

Pirate Ship Notepad
Pirate Ship Notepad by Gatterwe
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Blue Fantasy

flower fantasy

Blue Fantasy. Coloured pencils and markers on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig December 2012.

The reference I had for this drawing was an acrylic tutorial. I wanted to explore how it would be to do a coloured pencil piece with it, and I quite like the result. Of course there’s a big difference regarding the application of lighter colours. With acrylics you can put white on a dark blue, whereas with coloured pencils and markers you cannot. You have to work from light to dark.

Jungle Flowers

Flowers in the Jungle. Acrylics on watercolour paper, size about 12×17 cms.
Ulla Hennig November 2012

This was my first painting exercise. I wanted to find out how to mix various greens, and how to paint over an already painted layer. Doing this taught me two important things:

  • Always add the darker colour to the lighter one. I did it the other way round, added yellow to the dark green and needed loads of yellow to get near the colour I was thinking of.
  • Not all acrylics are opaque. When I bought my starter set of Acrylics I believed that every acrylic colour/paint is opaque. It is not. I discovered that fact when trying to paint the red flowers over the green background. In the end I had to mix the red with white in order to get it opaque, which dulled down the colour and made it a bit like salmon. On Wet Canvas I got two advices: Look for another red or/and first paint over the background with white, let it dry and then put red on it. I will definitely try the latter and think about the first!

Flowers and leaves

Flowers and leaves. Markers on illustration board. Ulla Hennig August 2012

I’ve got quite a lot of markers in the meantime; not only copics, but also some made by a German company. They are called “Delta Markers”. I had put up a colour chart, but I’d put in the colours as they came which made it difficult to find the reds, blues, and such like easily.

Yesterday I decided to make a “real” chart, having the reds in one row, the blues in one and so on. The time I investigated was worth it. Now it is easy to see with one glance what kind of blues and greens I have.

I didn’t have a reference for the flowers and the leaves. I had something a bit ornamental in mind, which I eventually might be able to use as a design for my zazzle products.