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Red and green Swirls

Old design on a new item! I did this design quite a while ago, but never put it on a t-shirt.

Red and Green Swirls T-shirt
Red and Green Swirls T-shirt by ullahennig
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Happy Bird

For three years now I have been participating in a group show in Buckow, Märkische Schweiz. I’ve been showing about 6 of my paintings, and in addition to that I had a range of postcards to sell. The one you can see below is a postcard which has been sold quite a few times – in Berlin as well as during the group show last week end. It is a card which you can send to someone who is need of being cheered up – or you can hang it on your wall, have a look at the beginning of your day and feel better soon!

Happy Flower Notebook

Are you thinking of beginning to write a daily journal? Then this notebook from Zazzle will cheer you up when you take it into your hand!

Geometrical Design

I had been playing around with Inkscape again, and you can see the result here. I created a geometrical design which I uploaded to Zazzle in order to put it on products in my shop. I had done a rough pencil sketch first and then scanned the sketch in. I imported the sketch into Inkscape, but after some time trying to trace the sketch I decided to only use it as a kind of rough orientation.

I plan to add the design to more and more products.

Blue dolphins

This cute little dolphin has been done with Inkscape quite some time ago. Here’s a selection of products which have got the dolphin on them:

Wrapping Paper:

Cute dolphin Wrapping Paper
Cute dolphin Wrapping Paper by ullahennig
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Baby T-shirt:

Happy Summer!

In one of my last posts I presented a happy flower which I did in Inkscape. Now it has become a design for my Zazzle shop. Maybe you are looking for a wrapping paper which has a happy look and feel – here is one!

Little Monster on a Mug

In one of my last posts I wrote about going over some old drawings which I’d done in Inkscape a long time ago.  Well, I not only rediscovered Inkscape, but I also rediscovered my zazzle shop and decided to put the little guy on a mug. (By the way it seems that I am continously forgetting and rediscovering things – be they certain mediums (coloured pencils, markers, watercolours or whatever!)

Art and Design

Time is limited, especially for someone who works from 8 to five. I love my job, but I also love my creative activities like drawing and painting with different mediums. In 2014 I managed to to both things (the latter mainly on the weekend). But I am also the owner of a shop on Zazzle (www.zazzle.com/ullahennig), and for a long time I was convinced that there was no way to combine my art activities with my design activities. This resulted in neglecting my Zazzle shop (I nevertheless had the one or other sale there…).

However I am the member of a very supportive German group of pod designers, and when I told them about my problem I got a very encouraging answer: Try it out! So I took one of my latest gouache paintings, made some changes in photoshop and uploaded it to Zazzle. You can see one product here:


Orange Flower and green leaf Tote Bag
Orange Flower and green leaf Tote Bag by ullahennig
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Easter bunny Lunchbox

This design is based on a digital painting I did with photoshop quite some time ago. I think it fits nicely on the lunchbox…

Here in Berlin we are having spring temperatures in January, whereas other people suffer under extremely low temperatures.

Brown rabbit Lunchbox
Brown rabbit Lunchbox by ullahennig
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Notepads on Zazzle

I have been creating some notepads lately. Here are two of them:

Pumpkinflower notepad
Pumpkinflower notepad by ullahennig
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And here are two made by Simone Gatterwe:

Pirate Ship Notepad
Pirate Ship Notepad by Gatterwe
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