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Naked tree – watercolour pencils painting

Bark. Watercolour pencils on drawing cardboard

You probably will ask: “Why can a tree be called ‘naked’?” Well – I was thinking of the structures of the wood beneath the bark, of the smooth surfaces, smooth on one hand, but twisted, gnarly and maybe broken on the other hand. I have no clue whether a tree like this exists at all – but I can feel the wooden structures under my fingers.



Mushrooms on Wood

Mushrooms on Wood

Mushrooms on Wood. Photo: Ulla Hennig, September 2011

Two weeks ago our University staff went on a trip to Potsdam, the capital of the federal state of Brandenburg. We visited a very famous building, the Belvedere on the “Pfingstberg”. Of course I took photographs of the building (you will see them later on this blog), but I was also interested in the small things of nature and found this stump with two mushrooms on it.

I like the structure of the cracks in the wood, and how the mushrooms seem to sit on them – they remind me of two white eyes in a brown face. Maybe we should call it the face of fall?

Wooden statue of a young Boy

Little Boy. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Little Boy. Photo: Ulla Hennig

This belongs also to the artwork presented in the oldest church of Berlin, the Nikolai church.

Wooden Angel


Wooden Angel, originally uploaded by Ulla2004.

This wooden angel stands in one of the oldest churches in Berlin, the Nikolai Church. It is not made by a famous sculptor, but nevertheless I was – and I still am – deeply impressed by it.

Wooden Branches

Wooden Branches

Wooden Branches. Drawn and painted by Ulla Hennig

Here I tried to create the textures and colours of some wooden branches. I had a photo for reference, but in the middle of the painting process I decided not to follow it too closely.

I am really enjoying my copic markers. They are rather known in the Manga artist world – which is a style I don’t feel very much drawn to. But it is written nowhere that you cannot use them for a different kind of art, and for them moment I think I have found a way which suits me best – using them for colouring my ink drawings.