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Floral Fairy

I used my watercolour pencils and my markers on cardstock paper. So I had to transfer the print from Dover publications with my provisional light table, and doing this, I simplified the drawing a bit. The fairy, the tulips and the leaves are coloured in with markers, the ground and the background are coloured in with Mondeluz watercolour pencils.

Hooded Skull

I thought the guy needed a colourful hoodie, so I grabbed my watercolour pencils and my waterbrush and provided him with the hood. Fun!

The butterfly and the J

This is a free colouring sampler page from Dover publications. I transferred it to cardstock paper (while simplifying it a bit), inked it and then used my markers for the blossoms, the leaves and the letter, and my watercolour pencils with my new waterbrush for the background.

Due to the fact that you can determine pretty well the amount of water in the waterbrush you can work with it on cardstock paper. I haven’t used my watercolour pencils for more than half a year and found out that I lack some violets – especially blue violets. Well, isn’t that a good reason to visit an artstore?

Colourful pear

Watercolour pencilsl on wet watercolour paper. October 2014

When you wet the paper first and then go in with your watercolour pencils you get a wonderful intense and rich colour. You can even mix your colours on the paper. I experimented with going over a dark green with a yellow colour, and got a middle green.

The thing is only that your pencils will be melting like snow in the sunshine!

Fantasy Bird

Fantasy Bird. Watercolour pencils on watercolour paper. October 2014

I used all my blue watercolour pencils for that painting. I worked with various layers, taking the pigment off the pencil with a brush and then painting with the brush. I know it’s a bird which you’ll never find alive anywhere, but I had very much fun in using all the different colours.

Mysterious Castle

Mysterious castle. Watercolour pencils on watercolour paper. October 2014

This was done on the last sheet of my rough watercolour paper. I found it very difficult to work with pencils on that kind of paper. However, I had to use it up – two things I cannot throw away – paper to draw or paint on and books.

But I did some research on other watercolour papers, and finally I managed to identifiy the German equivalent for cold pressed and hot pressed paper. (in Germany, we have rough watercolour paper (“rauh” in German), cold pressed watercolour paper (in German called “matt”), and some hot pressed papers, called “satiniert” which means “like satin”. I went to a nearby art store and bought a pad of Canson cold pressed watercolour paper. Just now I am working on a new painting, and I am quite satisfied with the paper.


Elephant Tree

Elephant tree. Watercolour pencils on Acrylic paper, September 2014

I first titled this drawing “Venus tree” because of the pose (red eye-lids and a bit of a seductive pose), but then someone else said it reminded her of an elephant tree. Well, either the one or the other is an up to now undetected tree species.

I just doodled around and I love giving trees some kind of personality. So I went for that strange tree character.

I used acrylic paper as support (had it on my shelf for some time), but I must say that it is not my favorite kind of paper. Fortunately I discovered a new art store in the Mall of Berlin which opened just a few days ago, and I bought a Canson watercolour paper pad. I am looking forward to give it a try.

Folds and fabric

Paper napkin. Watercolour pencils on drawing cardboard. September 2014

Another drawing exercise – drawing and painting folds and fabric. I had a green paper napkin for reference. The painted napkin looks much more fabric like, like one of these fine napkins you get when you’re eating in a classy restaurant.

I used drawing cardboard as support. It is a heavy one, 250g, and it takes the water from the brush without buckling. It also may be that I’m getting slowly used to squeeze most of the water out of my brush before diluting the pigment of the watercolour pencils.


Tulip. Watercolour pencils on drawing cardboard. September 2014

This is one of the exercises we did in the Watercolour pencils online course. Here again I used the method of taking the pigment from the pencil with a damp brush.

More sketches and notes

Elf and a piece of wood.

I am still painting and drawing with watercolour pencils. For the piece of wood I used almost all the brown watercolour pencils I have, and for the leaves around the head of the elf almost all my green watercolour pencils. I like the way you can shade and leave highlights with them.