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Copic Coloring Tutorial on YouTube

I found this tutorial when I was looking for copic coloring tutorials on YouTube. There are lots of tutorials about colouring hair or skin with markers, but only a few which show how to colour flowers. In this video you not only learn how to colour a beautiful red rose but you also get information about the right paper.

Drawing tutorials on YouTube – Perspective

I used the free time in my 2 weeks vacation to create three categories for my art video tutorials from Youtube: one for painting tutorials, one for drawing tutorials and and for digital tutorials.

The following drawing tutorial is from ShooRainerDrawing channel and focuses on three point perspective. This tutorial is quite short for something as complicated as a three point perspective. However ShooRainer managed to get me interested in learning more about three point perspective. He’s got a cute drawing style and I like the examples he gives.

Inkscape Tutorial – Blur and Clip Technique

As you might have seen in some of my blog posts I am doing quite a bit of vector artwork in Inkscape. There are a lot of very helpful video tutorials on YouTube, and one of these is presented here. It is easy to follow and gives an introduction to many of Inkscape’s tools.

By the way, the next blogpost will be on Wednesday, 30 October. I am leaving Berlin for a few days in order to meet with my family in the South of Germany.

Video Tutorial – How to paint hair

I’ve been watching  Xia Taptara‘s tutorials on digital painting for some time now on YouTube. You really need to get some beverage and take some time, because they are not short. But it is worth it. I especially like the one below, because it contains a lot of information and makes me want to try out painting hair as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Tutorial: How to use Coloured pencils

Again and again I am browsing through YouTube in order to find good tutorials relating the use of coloured pencils. Here is one I am quite happy about. I especially like the way you see how shades of colours are built with the layering of coloured pencils.

How to draw feet

I have difficulties with drawing feet, and so I was looking for some useful video tutorials on YouTube.

The first one I found was this one:

It is only a bit more than 7 minutes long, and it shows you how to draw rather cartoonish looking feet.

Another more detailed video, created by Sycra, is this one:

Have fun watching!

Colored pencils Video tutorial

I consider the following tutorial a very helpful one: it is relatively short (about 8 minutes), it lists the single steps and it lists the colours of the pencils.

Practice, practice, practice!

Candles I read somewhere that you should practice the things you find difficult to do, not those you find easy. Well, up to yesterday I did not know how to do gradients in Inkscape. I knew how to do them in Photoshop, but everytime I tried to do them with the vector program I failed. I looked at several video tutorials on Youtube, but no way!

On the other hand I read a lot of Adobe Illustrator tutorials about using gradients and looking at the amazing results I so wished I were not too daft to learn!

And then yesterday once again I looked at a Youtube tutorial (one, that was new to me) and click! I had that aha experience. i could but try it out, although it got late in the evening. It worked! I did it!

But I knew one thing: Without practice I would lose the new gained knowledge. So I opened my Inkscape today and did these two candles. I know I can only describe them as “work in progress”, but I love the colours and how the gradients go!

And I also learnt something very important: Never ever think you’re too daft to learn something! Often it is the way things are taught which makes difficult to learn something. It just needed that one well designed and organised tutorial to put things into the right place.

How to make bookmarks with your photos

Bookmarks with one of my photos. Ulla Hennig August 2011

Tnis is the first time I used one of my photos for a bookmarks template. The image above has been sized down for the web, but I think you might get an impression of the final product.

  1. The first step is to create the bookmarks file. This one has 1400 pixel width and 1000 pixels height, with a resolution of 200 ppi. This resolution will produce a nice print. Either fill in a colour or leave it as it is.
  2. Then you draw a line in the middle. Make it thick enough to function as a cutting line. Doing this will produce a second layer.
  3. Open the photo you want to use and chose a selection which might look good on the bookmark file. Copy and paste. If necessary, scale the selection. You will have got a third layer by then. Repeat until you have got the same part of a photo below and above the line.
  4. Now go back to the first layer. Take the colourpicker tool in Photoshop and pick a colour of the photo. I first had a lighter green but then decided to go for the darker green. Take the colour bucket tool and fill the layer with the selected colour.
  5. Voila! You’ve got two nice bookmarks on one file. You can now print it out on a photo paper. Cut along the line with a paper cutter, not a pair of scissors!