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Elephant Tree

Elephant tree. Watercolour pencils on Acrylic paper, September 2014

I first titled this drawing “Venus tree” because of the pose (red eye-lids and a bit of a seductive pose), but then someone else said it reminded her of an elephant tree. Well, either the one or the other is an up to now undetected tree species.

I just doodled around and I love giving trees some kind of personality. So I went for that strange tree character.

I used acrylic paper as support (had it on my shelf for some time), but I must say that it is not my favorite kind of paper. Fortunately I discovered a new art store in the Mall of Berlin which opened just a few days ago, and I bought a Canson watercolour paper pad. I am looking forward to give it a try.

Tree character

This painting is similar to this  marker painting here. It is based on the same pen and ink drawing, but when I did the marker painting I decided to cut off parts of the body. With this gouache painting I used a 17×24 sized watercolour paper and had more room for the body.

I didn’t trace my pen and ink sketch but drew it a second time, slightly changing the shape of the hands and the directions they are pointing to. As you can see as well there’s a big difference regarding the green of the leaves. My gouache set includes 2 shades of green – a leaf green and an emerald green. I used the emerald green, lightened with a bit of white. Some people say that greens are difficult to do, and they are right. Next time I’ll try to add some light ochre to the emerald, or even mix my greens out of blue and yellow!

Naked tree – watercolour pencils painting

Bark. Watercolour pencils on drawing cardboard

You probably will ask: “Why can a tree be called ‘naked’?” Well – I was thinking of the structures of the wood beneath the bark, of the smooth surfaces, smooth on one hand, but twisted, gnarly and maybe broken on the other hand. I have no clue whether a tree like this exists at all – but I can feel the wooden structures under my fingers.



Mystery Fruits – finished

Mystery Fruits. Coloured pencils on drawing cardboard. June 2013

A tree with bare branches, but some colourful yellow-orange-red fruits. Very mysterious. These could be the fruits of life, of hope, of vitality. The tree’s got no green leaves because it is offering these delicious fruits, and all its energy goes into them.

I love trees, especially the old and big ones. I think each tree has got a kind of personality…

Mystery Fruits – Work in Progress


Mystery fruits. Coloured pencils on drawing cardboard.

I got that idea of a tree character with mysterious colourful fruits on its bare branches. The tree character has got only one layer of light ochre (I’m afraid that my scanner doesn’t show that very well). I got somehow carried away by the right part of the picture, but the next steps definitely will be to give some colour to the poor tree thingee!

Dead Tree

Dead tree

Dead tree. Copic ciaos on drawing paper. Ulla Hennig May 2012

I had a photography as a reference image for this tree, but I decided to simplify the drawing. I used some of my new copics for that drawing – a grey and a light yellow. You will notice that one of the browns needed a refill badly! It is called “Dull Ivory” and I use it pretty much, for trees mainly.

Tree Man

Tree man. Coloured pencils on watercolour paper. Ulla Hennig March 2012

There is a challenge on the Fantasy and Sci-Forum on WetCanvas, and it is called “Dryad” (tree nymphe). I don’t know whether Dryads are only female – in my imagination however the image of a male tree nymphe arose…

And together with it a dream began to form itself – the dream of illustrating stories with my coloured pencils, either writing stories around them and getting both on paper and uploading it to my website or to scribd, or having a story in mind, writing it down and illustrating it. Maybe I should not call it a dream but a goal, a very distant, thousands of miles away goal, but a goal nevertheless. Defining it as a goal however means thinking about the way the goal can be reached one time. Two things are necessary: to get more confident with drawing figures/objects/nature/animals and to get more confident with colour. Which means: PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE!