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Keep cool, man!

After many months of low temperatures and grey skies Berlin is now being attacked by desert heat – 35 degrees Celsius in the shadow. The weather forecast for next week announces a pleasant 24 degree on Tuesday, but don’t worry – the temperatures will raise again from Wednesday on.

So there’s no problem watching the football match Germany vs Spain in the open air: The match will be shown in the evening (no need to put on sunscreen at that time) and it will still be pleasantly warm, but not too hot.

However one still has to work – inside. I work on the 5th floor under a flat roof. It took me some time to find out how I could create some tolerable working conditions (no air-conditioning at that place, mind you):

  1. open window in the very early morning.
  2. close window after one hour, open door of office room.
  3. put heavy object on doorstep in order to prevent door from shutting with heavy bang.
  4. tell colleagues in the room next to me that having a window openened at 11.30 in the morning has no cooling effect at all…
  5. Leave office to fetch something to drink.

I think about adding item no 6: Look at the mousepad below in order to keep cool:

The photo was taken in Denmark in 2007, and although the summer was unusually hot there, there was always a pleasant temperature down at the beach or near the sea.



Hydrangea. Photo: Ulla Hennig

On my way to work I pass several big wooden flower boxes with hydrangeas. Every year I want to take photos of them, but never make it. This year I did it! (I must admit that I did it with creating Zazzle products in my mind.)

The German word for hydrangea is “Hortensie”, and they come in all shades of pink and purple, even blueish. Enjoy!

Berlin in the Summer

Lake Tegel in Berlin. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Lake Tegel in Berlin. Photo: Ulla Hennig

No, this is not a lake somewhere in Mark Brandenburg. We are in Berlin, at the shores of Lake Tegel, which can easily be reached by public transport. And this is only one of the many places in Berlin where you can watch the swans, ducks and boats coming in and going out. Berlin is a green City, and if you want to know more about this aspect, you can visit my Squidoo lens “Berlin, the Green city“.

There are times where Berlin is dull, dreary, grey. But in the summertime, it is a wonderful city: you can sit outside in one of the many caf├ęs and have a cool drink or a hot coffee. You can take a book and go to one of the many parks; some of them even have chairs to sit on. You can go by boat along the Landwehrkanal or the River Spree, and of course you can stroll along the famous boulevard “Unter den Linden”.

The weather forecast announces that August and September will be very nice and warm. So I look forward to the weekends with Berlin in the Summer!