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Public transport Architecture

s-Bahn station

The entrance to the S-Bahn station Botanischer Garten. Photo: Ulla Hennig August 2011

This is the facade of the entrance to the commuter train station “Botanischer Garten” in Berlin. It is one example of the public transport architecture in Berlin, especially regarding the commuter train (S-Bahn). Many of the stations are under the ground, like subway stations, but some of them are above the ground, like the S-Bahn station “Botanischer Garten“.

The Berlin S-Bahn

S-Bahn station botanischer Garten

S-Bahn Station Botanischer Garten. Photo: Ulla Hennig, August 2011

The S-Bahn is part of the Berlin public transport system. It connects the outskirts of Berlin with the center. Normally trains stop at the stations every 10 minutes. On some lines you have a train coming every three minutes.

Some of the stations are quite old. The S-Bahn came into existence in 1924, and in 1929 the electrification of the existing suburban lines was completed.

The S-Bahn Station Botanischer Garten (in English: botanical garden) is part of the line from the north of Berlin going straight down to the south. As you can see on the photo there is a lot of green on both sides of the line – taking the S-Bahn will show you how green Berlin really is!

Deviation from the Daily Routine

Almost everyday my way to work via the public transport in Berlin is the same: Walk to subway (carefully, don’t slip on the icy sidewalk!); take subway no 1 (only one station), then subway no 2. Exit subway and take the bus. Leave bus almost in front of office building. Walk to the office (carefully, don’t slip on the icy sidewalk!).

After work it is the same: bus and two subways. I know the faces of quite a lot of the people in the bus, and even in the crowded subways I recognize two or three people. Very often I get into a mode where I close my eyes and shut myself off the reality around me.

But today I decided to deviate from my daily routine – I took another bus and took another route. And suddenly I noticed that I looked at the houses and shops which we passed in a very different way – I wanted to take in information and was fully awake.

And the interesting fact was: I felt relaxed when I arrived at my flat. Relaxed and alive at the same moment. That deviation from my daily routine did me a lot of good, and I decided to have more of it.