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The Berlin Dome

Berlin has got three Domes or cathedrals – the French Dome and the German Dome on the Gendarmenmarkt, and the Berlin Cathedral. This big church which was inaugurated in 1905 now serves as a place for protestant services and music events.


Sony Center, Berlin

How can you forget 88 photos on your camera? Well, I did. My friend Karen visited me in 2014, and of course we had to visit the Sony Center in the middle of Berlin. That was in July 2014. A lot of things happened after that visit, and I completely forgot my camera and of course – the photos on it.

With spring having arrived in Berlin and all the beautiful flowers in full blossom I thought I might like to take a few photos of the awakening of nature around me, noticed that I had to refill the battery and that there were 88 photos on the camera waiting to be downloaded. Here’s one of them. It is the roof of the Sony Center in the middle of Berlin, the Potsdamer Platz. There are places in Berlin which you go to only with friends from outside Berlin – and there are places which you go to even on your own. The Potsdamer Platz belongs to the latter category.

Light on Water

Light on Water. Photo: Ulla Hennig, September 2011

Unfortunately my new camera has only got a display and no viewfinder. I could not see what I was taking a photo of, but I had a try. I was interested in the reflection of the sun in the water, not so much in the bridge. I tried to focus more on that by applying a gaussian filter on the upper half of the photo, but was not satisfied with it, so I left it as it came out of the camera.

Roses – Photo manipulation

Roses - a photo manipulation

Roses. Photo manipulation with a photo taken in September 2011

Actually I took a photo of two roses in a vase, looked at the photo and discovered that the photo was a failure. Somehow I didn’t have the courage to delete it from my hard drive. Then later I read a blogpost about photo manipulation in photoshop.

I wanted to try that but needed something to manipulate. I returned to the photo, selected one rose, copied it and inserted it into a new image file. It didn’t look too bad, so I returned to the photo, selected the second rose and repeated the steps.

And here is the result! Something new had developed out of the photo failure. And I was glad that I hadn’t removed this photo from my hard disk…

Over the Roofs of Biberach

The roofs of Biberach. Photo: Ulla Hennig, July 2011

Biberach – the town where I was born – was founded in the 13th century. Many old houses are still standing, and you can see from the photo, how narrow the distances between the houses are. As many of the old houses were built in a half-timbered style fire was a big danger. Once a fire had broken out in one house it easily moved over to the next ones, and soon big parts of the town were on fire.

Between the houses you can see the church tower of St. Martin. St. Martin has been and still is used by Catholics and Protestants alike. In former times Catholics and Protestants had their own mayors, and people from either side would not marry people from the other denomination. Catholic people had “catholic shops” to go to, as well as Protestants had their “protestant shops”. These times are over now – and I am very glad about it!

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Whenever I see the cherry tree blooming in front of the house where I live I know that we are now in the middle of spring. And I run and grab my camera and take photos, because I know that all too soon the blossoms will be lying down on the earth. It is the same with the lilacs – I’ve already noticed the first signs of lilacs blossoms, and I hope I will be there to take photos of them, too.

Spring is one of the seasons I love; I love the fresh green, the blooming trees, the explosion of nature. People are now sitting in front of the numerous little cafes Berlin has got, enjoying their cups of coffee, their cappuccinos and lattes. The atmosphere seems to be full of happiness – something the French call joie de vivre – the joy of living.

Weather fore

Tree in March

Tree in March

Tree in March. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Spring is arriving fast, but the trees still are without leaves. So it is still the time to took at the way the branches are spreading. Actually I have been thinking of doing some tree sketches, and I’ve looked for some reference photos.

Last weekend the sun was shining, so I took my nice little camera with me, thinking that I could as well produce my own reference photos!

Red Candle

Red Candle

Red candle with Christmas decorations

Christmas is definitely over, but I’ve still got this red candle with Christmas decorations on my table. As long as the days are short and the nights creep in so fast in the afternoon I will keep all my candles, be they christmas-y or not. Light the candles, sip a glas of delicious red wine, listen to some classical music and read a good book – that’s it!

Elf – mixed Media

Elf - mixed media

Elf - mixed media. Created by Ulla Hennig

No, it is not the same image like in my blog post published on Monday. There are some trees there, now, bare, skinny, almost skeleton-like. They have never been painted nor created in photoshop like the ferns on the right side.

I had browsed through my photos, actually, and looked for trees. I found one photo and selected some trees, cut them out and inserted them into the elf image. I used the magic wand as selection tool and it worked rather nicely. I also changed the size of them a bit.

So now we have: a colored drawing done by hand, some parts of a photo I took in March that year (the trees), some ferns done in Photoshop. Now, if this could not be called Mixed Media!

Sand and Water


Sand and Water

Sand and Water. Photo: Ulla Hennig


I took this photo at the end of September 2010, walking along the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea near Zingst (on the half-island of the Darß).