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Mysterious Castle

Mysterious castle. Watercolour pencils on watercolour paper. October 2014

This was done on the last sheet of my rough watercolour paper. I foundĀ it very difficult to work with pencils on that kind of paper. However, I had to use it up – two things I cannot throw away – paper to draw or paint on and books.

But I did some research on other watercolour papers, and finally I managed to identifiy the German equivalent for cold pressed and hot pressed paper. (in Germany, we have rough watercolour paper (“rauh” in German), cold pressed watercolour paper (in German called “matt”), and some hot pressed papers, called “satiniert” which means “like satin”. I went to a nearby art store and bought a pad of Canson cold pressed watercolour paper. Just now I am working on a new painting, and I am quite satisfied with the paper.


It’s markers again!

The dragon snake. Layout markers on paper. May 2014

Did I tell you about my self-made light table? Some weeks ago I bought a glass pane for about 5 Euro, planning to put it between to big boxes from IKEA. Up to the weekend that glass plane hadn’t been used, but suddenly I felt that I had to to it. I took one of my quick and rough ballpoint sketches and a piece of very smooth paper which I also had been given a month or so.

I had to sit down on the floor in order to use the “light table”, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was the smoothness of the paper, and I had to be very, very careful with my ink pen to prevent smudges. Then I grabbed my markers. Blending on the smooth paper was done quite easily, but I had been to impatient to colour – some of my ink lines blended with the copic markers!

However, I learnt a great deal about the importance of the paper for the way the copics and the other markers performed. The colours are much more vivid on a smooth paper, and now I know that you can blend them.