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Lineart for colouring doodle

doodle – lineart

I want to try out several color combinations with my markers, and there’s nothing more suitable for doing so than having a lineart doodle. I can paste it into my office writer file, enlarge it or make it smaller, print it out and then put it on my lighttable. I can then either choose drawing cardboard in case I use my markers, or watercolour paper for painting with gouache.

Little green troll

Little green troll. Gouache and markers on watercolour paper. December 2014

The original pencil sketch was too small, so I enlarged it by copying the image into my wordprocessor and then blowing up the image. I then transfered it to my watercolour paper, this time using the windowplane as my lighttable.

I had some gouache paints left on my palette. I re-wetted them. They lose a great deal of their opaqueness when you use them like this, but the colour is still quite vivid. In fact they act like watercolours and work very well together with markers.

The reference I had was out of a youTube video about drawing chibis. I am however not so much into manga and chibis, and you might notice that the result is looking more like a troll than a chibi.

Chibi sketch


Chibi. Pencil on printing paper. December 2014

I was watching some drawing videos on YouTube yesterday, and one of them was so inspiring that I grabbed paper and pencil and did this quick sketch.

The next step will be to colour this little chap. The rough sketch would be cleaned up and transfered to a piece of either watercolour paper or drawing cardboard (I am not decided on that yet). However, I wanted the sketch to be bigger, especially for colouring with gouache or watercolour. So I copied the image into my open office writer and enlarged it. Voilà! Now I am looking forward to using my handmade lightbox and cleaning up the sketch.

Quick Pencil Portrait


Portrait of a Boy. Graphite on a piece of scrap paper.

This is the result of a quick drawing exercise, done with a graphite pencil (6 B) on a piece of scrap paper. I used some guidelines which I then erased (as you can see not very successful).


Owl. PITT Artist Brush pen on sketching paper. November 2014

I love, love, love those PITT Artist Brush pens! I must admit there are a lot of owl line drawings on the web, but I decided to make some changes to the one I downloaded as a reference. I added the background as well, using my three shades of green–the light green, the leaf green and the chromoxide green opaque.

I also decided to put up a “real” folder with all the reference material I come across in the internet–tutorials, drawings, line-art and so on. Whenever I have no ideal what to do next I will go through that folder and most certainly find something to paint or draw.

Cute Kitty

Kitty. Watercolour pencils on drawing cardboard. October 2014

I had a rough sketch of this kitty, and wanted to try out my handmade lighttable in order to make a clean sketch out of it and place that on a sheet of drawing cardboard. So I put my two IKEA boxes on one side, my coffee table on the other side and placed a glass pane over them. I used one of my desk lamps as light source under the glass pane – and voila, I had a wonderful light table for the price of 5 Euros (this was the price of the glass pane I got at a charity shop round the corner).

Well, the combination looked as if it could be used as a light table – but did it really work? I fetched the paper with the sketch on it and a sheet of drawing cardboard. I now noticed that even for rough sketches I should use paper with a white backside–I had used a paper which had printed text on the back which now was a bit disturbing. However the tracing of my sketch went quite well, as you can see. I then went over the pencil lines with a staedtler pigment liner which is waterproof, erased the pencil lines and then had fun with my watercolour pencils.

Fantasy Bird

Fantasy Bird. Watercolour pencils on watercolour paper. October 2014

I used all my blue watercolour pencils for that painting. I worked with various layers, taking the pigment off the pencil with a brush and then painting with the brush. I know it’s a bird which you’ll never find alive anywhere, but I had very much fun in using all the different colours.


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