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Horse tangle. Ink and Alholic markers

This is the second version of a horse portrait I’d been colouring. The first version you can see here. Whereas the red horse has been coloured with gouache and then alcohol markers, this version is pure markers. I also wanted to put the horse onto a kind of zentangle background.

Colourful snake


This is more a preliminary sketch than an actual piece of art. It has been drawn on a cheap piece of paper with a ballpoint pen, and coloured with markers. But I must say that I’m quite pleased with the result all in all.

Dancing bird reworked

Dancing bird reworked. Markers on copy paper. January 2015

Just playing with patterns and colours. Now I think that I can call this done!

Dancing Bird


Dancing bird

This was done very quickly on a piece of paper. Although I not quite sure whether to add some colours on the tail and head feathers I think that I don’t want to colour the whole bird. This dancing bird is something like a symbol of the coming spring to me, with its dancing pose and the bright colours.

A quick Portrait


One of my art goals for 2015 is to sketch and draw on a regular basis. I did this while watching one of the many drawing videos on YouTube.

Lineart for colouring doodle

doodle – lineart

I want to try out several color combinations with my markers, and there’s nothing more suitable for doing so than having a lineart doodle. I can paste it into my office writer file, enlarge it or make it smaller, print it out and then put it on my lighttable. I can then either choose drawing cardboard in case I use my markers, or watercolour paper for painting with gouache.

Little green troll

Little green troll. Gouache and markers on watercolour paper. December 2014

The original pencil sketch was too small, so I enlarged it by copying the image into my wordprocessor and then blowing up the image. I then transfered it to my watercolour paper, this time using the windowplane as my lighttable.

I had some gouache paints left on my palette. I re-wetted them. They lose a great deal of their opaqueness when you use them like this, but the colour is still quite vivid. In fact they act like watercolours and work very well together with markers.

The reference I had was out of a youTube video about drawing chibis. I am however not so much into manga and chibis, and you might notice that the result is looking more like a troll than a chibi.


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