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Blue Flowers

What a difference paper can make! The one I used here is coated paper. It is very smooth, and it is recommended for markers and felt pens. I used my stabilo 68 pens here to try out some blending. I added the black ink lines after I’d done the colouring, because you have to be very careful not to smear the ink. I am more satisfied with the blending of the various greens. You still have to have three shades of a colour – a light, medium and darker one in order to make it look good. Even with this kind of paper you cannot blend a dark blue with a light blue – as you can see above.


Happy skull

I found the skull colouring page on pinterest and used transfer paper to transfer the outer lines, the eye sockets, the nose cavity and the teeth of the skull to my drawing cardboard. Then I freely inserted my own patterns. I used Staedtler and Stabilo fineliners and some alcohol markers to colour in the drawing.

Quick sketch – Killer whale

Yesterday I decided to do an image search for “whale”, found a photo of a killer whale and did a quick sketch of it. This is a bit of a change after all that colouring. I still like to colour, but I think that I want to do more sketches and drawing exercises.


Dragon. Markers and coloured pencils on paper.

I love dragons, and I love to draw them. I drew this dragon after having watched a video tutorial. The pattern on the skin of the dragon however is my very own. I used markers and coloured pencils on top of them, and markers again.

Chihuaha Sketch

Chihuaha. Pencil first and then ink

I did this quick sketch following a drawing tutorial on YouTube. As you can see it I did it on a piece of scrap paper – you can see the print on the back of the paper shining through. And – oops – you can see some of the pencil strokes which I actually wanted to erase. Well, seeing the piece on my screen makes me notice all the things I overlooked and should have done before putting the sketch on the scanner.



Horse tangle. Ink and Alholic markers

This is the second version of a horse portrait I’d been colouring. The first version you can see here. Whereas the red horse has been coloured with gouache and then alcohol markers, this version is pure markers. I also wanted to put the horse onto a kind of zentangle background.

Colourful snake


This is more a preliminary sketch than an actual piece of art. It has been drawn on a cheap piece of paper with a ballpoint pen, and coloured with markers. But I must say that I’m quite pleased with the result all in all.