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In the beginning of this picture I used coloured pencils. Then I stopped working at it because I didn’t like the pale colours. I felt tempted to throw the thing away, but could not do that for reasons I don’t know.

Then I rediscovered my PITT Artist Brush pens. After having used them for some smaller paintings I asked myself who not use them to polish up this painting/ drawing? And I did. I am not very satisfied with the background (Used a stabilo 68 pen for that), but I like the way the towers turned out.


Snake. NeocoloursII on watercolour paper

The background was done with a stabilo 68 pen. You can create nice textures by changing the directions of the strokes.

I painted the snake by applying some of the shavings of the watersoluble wax crayons with a brush and by taking the pigments off the crayons with a wet brush. I noticed, that I had to be careful not to have too much water on my brush when I did the latter – otherwise the paint is far too watery and liquid.


Cat Sketch

I used a photo as reference which was provided by Floyd in the Watermedia Forum at Wet Canvas. The photo can be seen here.

It was a quick sketch, done without erasing.

Flower sketches

These are some quick flower sketches which I did as preparation studies for an inkscape drawing. They were done on one morning before work, on some piece of scrap paper.


Sometimes going through old files results in surprises: I actually did not know that I had done this antelope with Inkscape some years ago. I must say that one the one hand I see quite a lot of things which could be done better, but on the other hand I still like how I did the the shadows and high lights on the antelope. It makes me want to draw and paint another animal with Inkscape soon…

The lady with the blue hair

I drew the portrait digitally in Inkscape, printed it out and coloured it with markers on cardstock.

Sketching again

These are some quick and rough sketches I did with a ballpoint pen – so there was no chance of erasing any wrong lines…