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In the beginning of this picture I used coloured pencils. Then I stopped working at it because I didn’t like the pale colours. I felt tempted to throw the thing away, but could not do that for reasons I don’t know.

Then I rediscovered my PITT Artist Brush pens. After having used them for some smaller paintings I asked myself who not use them to polish up this painting/ drawing? And I did. I am not very satisfied with the background (Used a stabilo 68 pen for that), but I like the way the towers turned out.


Snake. NeocoloursII on watercolour paper

The background was done with a stabilo 68 pen. You can create nice textures by changing the directions of the strokes.

I painted the snake by applying some of the shavings of the watersoluble wax crayons with a brush and by taking the pigments off the crayons with a wet brush. I noticed, that I had to be careful not to have too much water on my brush when I did the latter – otherwise the paint is far too watery and liquid.


Cat Sketch

I used a photo as reference which was provided by Floyd in the Watermedia Forum at Wet Canvas. The photo can be seen here.

It was a quick sketch, done without erasing.

Flower sketches

These are some quick flower sketches which I did as preparation studies for an inkscape drawing. They were done on one morning before work, on some piece of scrap paper.


Sometimes going through old files results in surprises: I actually did not know that I had done this antelope with Inkscape some years ago. I must say that one the one hand I see quite a lot of things which could be done better, but on the other hand I still like how I did the the shadows and high lights on the antelope. It makes me want to draw and paint another animal with Inkscape soon…

The lady with the blue hair

I drew the portrait digitally in Inkscape, printed it out and coloured it with markers on cardstock.

Sketching again

These are some quick and rough sketches I did with a ballpoint pen – so there was no chance of erasing any wrong lines…

Blue Flowers

What a difference paper can make! The one I used here is coated paper. It is very smooth, and it is recommended for markers and felt pens. I used my stabilo 68 pens here to try out some blending. I added the black ink lines after I’d done the colouring, because you have to be very careful not to smear the ink. I am more satisfied with the blending of the various greens. You still have to have three shades of a colour – a light, medium and darker one in order to make it look good. Even with this kind of paper you cannot blend a dark blue with a light blue – as you can see above.

Happy skull

I found the skull colouring page on pinterest and used transfer paper to transfer the outer lines, the eye sockets, the nose cavity and the teeth of the skull to my drawing cardboard. Then I freely inserted my own patterns. I used Staedtler and Stabilo fineliners and some alcohol markers to colour in the drawing.

Quick sketch – Killer whale

Yesterday I decided to do an image search for “whale”, found a photo of a killer whale and did a quick sketch of it. This is a bit of a change after all that colouring. I still like to colour, but I think that I want to do more sketches and drawing exercises.