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Dancing bird reworked

Dancing bird reworked. Markers on copy paper. January 2015

Just playing with patterns and colours. Now I think that I can call this done!

Another coloured doodle

Doodle #2. Markers on drawing cardboard

This doodle shows what a difference another color combination makes. Here’s the first doodle, based on the same line drawing. I used drawing cardboard as support for this one,

Lineart for colouring doodle

doodle – lineart

I want to try out several color combinations with my markers, and there’s nothing more suitable for doing so than having a lineart doodle. I can paste it into my office writer file, enlarge it or make it smaller, print it out and then put it on my lighttable. I can then either choose drawing cardboard in case I use my markers, or watercolour paper for painting with gouache.

Coloured doodle

Coloured doodle. Markers on printer paper, enhanced with photoshop

I got a book about Zentangles as a Christmas present, and although it is not yet Christmas I could not resist opening the book. This on the other hand led to me watching some videos about doodling and zentangles. In the end I could not but try a coloured doodle. Actually I took a piece of scrap paper, a black PITT Artist brush pen and began to draw. While drawing I thought about colouring the doodle and fetched my markers.

As I hadn’t planned to do a “real doodle” there were a lot of marks which didn’t look good. So I scanned in the drawing and cleaned it up in photoshop. I like the intensitiy and the brightness of the colours. I might even consider to use it for a Zazzle design!

I wish everyone happy and peaceful holidays!

Flower bookmarks

Flower bookmark. PITT Artist Brush Pen on Acrylic paper. November 2014.

I used acrylic paper which was left over thinking that it might be a nice bookmark. The drawing is my own, just the result of doodling around with pencils and pen.

Doodle in Red

Doodle in Red. Markers on paper, May 2014

One morning I did this quick doodle, and the other morning I thought I could use this to display all my red hues. I mostly used Delta Markers, and some Copic ciaos. Delta Markers are produced by the German company Rotbart, and I think they only sell in Germany. They are the cheapest brand, with a rather limited colour range.

I am now working on a piece which is based on this doodle, getting back to the mixture of coloured pencils and markers I focussed on some time ago. As painting with coloured pencils takes its time I don’t know when I’ll be able to show the finished piece. I’ll keep you posted!


Red and Green Colour Combo

Red and green colour combo. Markers on paper.

This is the result of two quick doodles at the breakfast table. Just now I am writing my first longer story in German, planning to publish it together with some illustrations. I got the first rough version written down. Now I’ve got to go over the story again, polishing it. In a second step I will decide which illustration I would want to insert at which place, and then focus on the illustrations. ¬†Writing a story and illustrating it – that’s something I dreamt of a long time ago, but never thought it would be possible. The project still frightens me – but I also enjoy it deeply.

I also plan to publish an English version of the illustrated story. But you will understand that it’s only natural that I am focussing on the German version. There will be another art event in July (the same one as last year), and I intend to show some copies of my story there.

With the focus on this project I however allow myself to so some doodling, as I did with the piece you can see above. Playing with shapes and colours, nothing more.

Another fantasy creature

Fish-seal (or seal-fish?)

This is the result of my playing around with a ballpoint pen early in the morning at the breakfast table. It seems that just now I am into fantasy beings – first the grumpy plant (you can have a look at it here), and then this one which is a crossbreed between a fish and a dragon (look at his head!) and a seal and whatever you can see in it. He (Yes, definitely it is a “he”) looks as he is courting another being which we don’t see. One day I might write a story about him…

Doodle in blue

Doodle in blue

Doodle in blue. Markers and coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig, August 2012

I bought a stencil yesterday with circles in various sizes. I had to try it out and this is the result. I used all the blue markers I had. Then I grabbed my darker blue coloured pencil and did the shading. After that I went over the shading with the same marker I had used to colour the circle with. It was so much fun doing it that I forgot the time completely and went to bed much later than I intended. Well…