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A Pair of flamingos


A pair of flamingos. Coloured pencils and markers. Ulla Hennig November 2012

I had a reference photo from the Reference Images Library at WetCanvas, and for the first time I used the grid method to get the proportions right, instead of simply tracing the image. It takes a lot more time doing it this way, but it makes one look very closely at the reference image and the image one is drawing.

Regarding the background I took big liberties with the photo. I wanted it to be bright and cheerful.

Polychromos Coloured pencils and Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils, used dry. Markers: Delta Markers from Rotbart, copic ciaos.
Watercolour paper from Hahnemühle Fine Art, 17×24 cms.

First ever framed painting

Seagulls - painted and then photographed

Seagulls - painted and then photographed

This is my first painting that was framed and went to another person’s home. It was a present to my cousin who got 70 this February. She had visited me in 2010 and seen it hanging on my wall, of course without frame. I’d always thought that the pastel painting was not too bad, but not good enough to be framed.

Now it hangs on the wall in my cousin’s living room, properly framed: It may sound strange, but now I finally accept it as a piece of art, and I am quite proud of it. Which makes me think about how much I depend on my works being appreciated by other people in order to accept them as pieces of art. Strange, isn’t it?