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This piece of watercolour paper was left over, and I thought I’d use it for some colour experiments – how many different colour tints can you get when mixing violet with white? I used Schmincke College Violet with an unknown white which I got in a one Euro shop. I was quite surprised how creamy the Violet was – I just dipped my brush into the water and then applied the paint with my brush. Although the Schmincke College brand is the least expensive of the Schmincke paints it is richly pigmented – and the pigments are given on the tube. In comparison the no-name acrylic paints you can get in the 1 Euro shop have far less pigments and are more watery.

Green Curves

Green Curves. Oil pastels thinned with alcohol, on watercolour paper.

Another experiment I did with my oil pastels. As they are studio quality and quite hard to blend with the fingers I took a brush and my small bottle of isopropanol and blended them with alcohol. The difference between the single colours is amazing – red, yellow, orange and even the pink are still strong even when diluted, whereas the greens are losing their vividness. So I decided to draw the lines of the green curves with my polychromos coloured pencil after having sprayed a fixative on the painting.

Colours and shapes. Work in progress

Colours and shapes. PITT artist brush pens on watercolour paper. Work in progress, October 2014

The wonderful thing with these brush pens is that you can create darker shades by simply layering them. The disadvantage is that you have to be very careful with your strokes when you don’t want shades or textures. I did quite a bit of a research about those pens in the last days, and many people prefer copics because these markers lay down a flat and even colour. As you can see the blue on the painting has got some texture – it reminds me of a kind of blanket with some folds in it, and I going to work on that some more.

I got an art store in Berlin which sells those pens cheaper if you buy ten of them. So I sat down, had a look at the colour chart and looked for 10 pens. What a decision! Well, I won’t go there before the middle of next week, so there’s always time to change the selection…


Colours and forms

Abstract forms

Abstract painting. Markers and coloured pencils. Ulla Hennig July 2012

I tried out two things with this piece:

  1. Doing an abstract painting with markers and coloured pencils and
  2. Using watercolour paper with markers

This is not my first abstract painting. I did one with watercolour pencils (wet) which you can see here. Painting in an abstract way is still an adventure for me, especially because I still feel kind of unsure about which colours to use next to which ones. I must admit I hated colour theory when we did it at school, and although I don’t hate it anymore I still prefer to use colours not according to some theory but according to my spontaneous imagination.

Regarding the paper I had been using drawing paper or board all the way long up to now with markers, and it seemed okay to me. However I’ve still got some watercolour paper left, so I wanted to have a go with it. I must say that I am quite pleased with the result. Of course there is some bleeding outside the lines. I could have removed the spots in photoshop, but I decided to do that when I use the painting for a design on Zazzle – which I am not certain of as yet.