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Squirrel – painted with Photoshop

Gray squirrel. Sketch and painting done by Ulla Hennig

This painting was done with one of the most important tools of photoshop, the brush tool. I haven’t done much with this tool up to now, and so it was quite a learning experience for me. It is a way to combine traditional sketching /drawing and digital painting.

I do this only with the touchpad of my notebook. I am thinking more and more about buying  a Wacom tablet, but I want to see if I am really into that kind of art before I buy new things.


Here’s to Scotland and a dear Scottish Friend!

Kyles of Bute

Joanna Paterson takes wonderful photos. So it was really difficult for me to select one out of her photostream – but here it is: The Kyles of Bute, a photo taken by her on December 2008 in Strathclyde, Scotland. Click on the photo and you will be taken to her photostream on Flickr.

Which word would you use for describing the scenery? Calming? Impressive? Majestic? If that photo would be on a calendar or on a poster I could imagine standing in front of it in a meditative state of mind (In case you are reading this, Joanna: may be you could consider…). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Lilacs Mousepad

In a normal year May is one of the best months of the year in Berlin. The temperatures are going up, no heating necessary any more in your flat, and: the whole city is full of blooming lilacs. Lilacs in light purple, in deep purple and in white.

This year May has been an awful month – cold and wet. Of course the lilacs bloomed in spite of the cold weather. There is one lilac tree (bush? – we say “Fliederstrauch” in German which would mean “bush”) round the corner where I live. I watched it closely and hoped for some hours of sunshine to take a photo.

As you can see below I managed to do this, and being the owner of a Zazzle store I could not resist from creating some products with the photo. You are not, by any chance, in need of a colorful mousepad?

Blossoms on the Ground

blossoms on the ground

Blossoms on the Ground. Photo: Ulla Hennig

On some places in my neighborhood the ground is covered with those pink blossoms. For me it is an example how fast those days of Spring pass by – we are in the middle of May now, and the chestnuts are already blooming. (Note to self: Must get photos of them!!)

And it is an example that while the one beauty of nature has passed another one is pleasing our eyes. Time flies, yes, but let us not bemoan passed beauty, let us look forward to the beauty that is to come!

What is the name of this flower?

Unknown flower. Photo: Ulla Hennig

There are people who see a flower and say “Ah, that’s a ….!” And then they take a photo of it. For me, it is the other way round – I see  flowers, think they are worth taking a photo of and take the picture.

No problem with that if I use the photo only to show it to friends (or on my blog) – I call it “unknown flower”. But, as some of you may know, I am into Zazzle for quite some time now, and “postcard with unknown flower” would sound as if I just discovered an up to now unknown flower species.

Not that I did not look it up on some websites. It can be that I know the German name of it, but there was no way to have the English translation.

And now you, my dear reader, are wanted: Do you know the flower above, and how do you call it?

And by the way, that’s my 251st blog post! Isn’t that a reason to do a very moderate Happy dance?!

It is lilacs season again!


Lilacs. Photo: Ulla Hennig

Berlin is a lilacs city. You can see them everywhere and in colors ranging from white, light pink to dark violet.

I had not to go far in order to take this picture – there’s a lilacs bush directly in front of the house where I am living in. I see it every time I leave the house – is not that wonderful?

The first Patches of Green

Green patch. Photo: Ulla Hennig

I took this photo quite some days ago, and the reason why I took it, was that I was so happy to see nature becoming green again. We had a very long winter in Berlin this year, and it was not only a cold, icy winter, it was a grey and dreary winter as well. I’ve got nothing against a cold winter with snow and ice and a blue sky – lovely! But those weeks without sun were a bit too much,

So I was longing for spring. I took a close look at the shrubs and noticed the first green buds. I searched for the first aments and welcomed them, although I knew that they make my nose suffer (I am allergic). And I noticed those green patches, fighting their way through the soil. I tried to capture as much early spring as possible with my camera, knowing that in a few days we will all take green for granted.