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Birds with NeocolorsII

I found the cute birds as a colouring page on pinterest. Colouring pages combine a relaxing activity with learning how to use a medium – in this case neocolours smooshed on an acrylic surface and then wetted and applied on the watercolour paper with a brush.

As I did the painting on watercolour paper I had to transfer the birds from the printout on the watercolour paper. It was a nice and sunny day – so I used one of my windows as a kind of light table.

Neocolours Colour chart

A few days ago I discovered how to use an old cd box as a palette for neocoloursII. Okay, I’ve been using a simple plastic palette with wells for the shavings of my watersoluble crayons, and I had tried to take the pigment directly from the tips of the crayons with a wet brush. But in a video on YouTube they mentioned smooshing the pigment on an acrylic block and using that as a palette. Acrylic block – well I’ve got numerous empty cd-boxes.

So I had a go at it. And, yes, it can be done. You can also mix the colours this way, as you can see in the above scan of a colour chart. Here I focused on browns and colour variations with malachite green as the foundation. Malachite green in itself is a very blueish green; but adding yellow green takes away some of the blue. It is still a “cool” green, but can be used nicely with waterplants and such.

Blue Towers

After I had bought some new blue NeocolorsII from Caran d’Ache I had to try them out – so I painted two towers and a small house in the shades of blue. The background was painted with a stabilo 68 pen and diluted with a brush.

Red and Green Abstract

This piece was also done with neocolourII watersoluble wax crayons and stabilo 68 pen for the background. But this time I decided to dilute the marks of the stabilo pen as well with water – and got this wonderfully textured background. You really cannot control how the background turns out when you go over the pen marks with a brush – that is the difference to the dry version.


Snake. NeocoloursII on watercolour paper

The background was done with a stabilo 68 pen. You can create nice textures by changing the directions of the strokes.

I painted the snake by applying some of the shavings of the watersoluble wax crayons with a brush and by taking the pigments off the crayons with a wet brush. I noticed, that I had to be careful not to have too much water on my brush when I did the latter – otherwise the paint is far too watery and liquid.


Cat Sketch

I used a photo as reference which was provided by Floyd in the Watermedia Forum at Wet Canvas. The photo can be seen here.

It was a quick sketch, done without erasing.


This is my contribution to the August challenge of the Floral and Botanicals Forum over at Wetcanvas – Foxgloves.

I used the shavings of my neocolourII watersoluble wax crayons, diluted with a grop of water, applied with a brush. I used one of the reference photos there as a general inspiration and guideline.


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