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Another Butterfly

With this painting I am getting back to my PITT Artist Brush pens and a smaller format. I had given myself permission to buy some additional PITT pens, and of course had to try them out.

I did the background with my Stabilo 68 pens which I used dry this time. Of course the butterfly is not a special butterfly, but only an imaginary fantasy one.


Shades of Blue

Back to painting with acrylics, playing with mixing white and ultramarine blue. In the end I added some scribbles with my black PITT Artist brush pen.

The knight’s Tent

Have you ever watched a film about knights, or medieval armies? The nobles live in colourful tents, and of course blue and red are the colours of nobility. Blue pigments were hard to get and very expensive, so only the rich people could afford to buy blue textiles.

At the same time I had the impression of a medieval helmet when I looked at the finished painting. A very stylized helmet of course…

Psychedelic Butterfly

This time I added a background to my butterfly. I used my stabilo68 pens and went over the strokes with a wet brush. I love the stabilo pens – they are inexpensive and produce vivid and strong colours.

Strange Star

This is another watermedia painting – done with neocolor II watersoluble wax crayons. Here I played around with blue-red-violet-purple hues and with yellow-blue-green hues. Everytime I am using the neocolor II crayons I am fascinated by the intensity of colour they produce.

Butterfly with purple Wings

Colouring is a wonderful activity if you need to relax. Colouring with acrylics is far beyond my capacities, but colouring with neocolorII watersoluble wax crayons is not. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I keep the shavings in the wells of my palette, and although it is quite some time ago that I used them for the last time the colours are still vivid and strong.

I found the butterfly colouring page on pinterest, traced it onto my transparent paper, went over the backside of that paper with a soft pencil, turned it around and used it as transfer paper. Then the fun part began – colouring with a very small brush.

Green Shores

Green shores – Acrylics on watercolour paper

This time I focussed on the combination of various shades of green with blue (mostly ultramarine blue). I didn’t have a sketch in the beginning, I just distributed patches of paint all over the paper. Looking at the emerging shapes I decided that it looked like a shore with lots of green grass, trees and water coming in.