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Little Mermaid – Colouring again

Colouring books and colouring pages have become something people talk about and write about. The action of colouring is said to be good for people who live a stressful live. You can find lots of colouring pages on the internet, for example on pinterest.

I chose this mermaid colouring page because it was not too big and could be done in a forseeable time period. I had to use my fineliners because of the tiny picture. While I was colouring with them I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before: you can do some shading with them when you lay them down in layers!

The Happy Blue flower Girl

Doesn’t she look happy? The blue flower girl was drawn and coloured in Inkscape. I plan to upload the image file to Zazzle, looking forward to select products for her. Not that I haven’t enough designs to put on mugs, cards, plates and what not, but putting design on products is the one thing – creating a design is the other thing, and I try to switch between those two activities.

Flower sketches

These are some quick flower sketches which I did as preparation studies for an inkscape drawing. They were done on one morning before work, on some piece of scrap paper.

Blue and Green

With this piece I went back to traditional colouring with my markers. There’s a bit of digital work in it as well, though, because I did the lines with inkscape. I had a very rough idea of fish jumping through the water when I did the lines and the colouring.

Little Monster revisited

This is a remake of an older version which I discovered lately among my Inkscape files. I know we’re far away from Halloween but I liked working on the little bat monster!


Sometimes going through old files results in surprises: I actually did not know that I had done this antelope with Inkscape some years ago. I must say that one the one hand I see quite a lot of things which could be done better, but on the other hand I still like how I did the the shadows and high lights on the antelope. It makes me want to draw and paint another animal with Inkscape soon…

Red and Green Mandala

Once again the lines were done with inkscape, and then coloured with markers. This time I used waterbased markers (the green circle) and alcohol based markers. As you can see the waterbased markers leave distinct marks on the paper, whereas the marks of the alcohol based markers (for example the red around the green circle) are far less distinct.

I also used coated paper again. It runs nicely through my printer, and the alcohol based markers do not bleed.

When colouring in I was reminded of the so called decorative painting done on closet doors and other furniture. Here in Germany we call that “Bauernmalerei” which means “farmers’ art/painting”. The dominant colours in that way of painting are green and red also.


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