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Bookmark #2

This is the second scrap of watercolour paper I had left over. Having had fun with doing the first bookmark I did another one. It is amazing how I  can forget the reality around myself when I am colouring. When I had finished the bookmark I felt wonderfully refreshed and relaxed.

Bookmark #1

bookmark, coloured with markers.

I had two strips of watercolour paper left off from the last painting, and so I decided to do some marker colouring on them and maybe use them as bookmarks.

I didn’t draw the whole piece in one, so you can see various patterns on the bookmark, and also various colour combinations.

Reptile creature

Coloring: Reptile creature

There is a group on which is called “color-me-club”, with loads of lineart to colour. With this reptile creature I used markers (Shinhan touchmarkers, promarkers, stylefile markers) and my polychromos coloured pencils.

Another little monster

This is just a little colouring exercise. I found the lineart on the web. printed it out on a piece of copy paper and began to colour it with markers. Then I fetched my coloured pencils (polychromos from Faber-Castell) and went over the marker with them to give the drawing some depth. I finally went over the pencil marks with the marker again, thus spreading the pigments.


Caught between Rocks

I was curious what colours I could create mixing violet and blue and violet and red. And I wanted to find out whether you could leave marks with coloured pencils on an acrylic painting. Yes, you can, as you can see in the painting above.

The violet I used is 75 ml College Acrylic from Schmincke, and the yellow is 14ml tube Artist’s Acrylic from Winsor&Newton. It has a lovely creamy consistence. The violet is a bit more llquid, but it gives you the pigments as well. The very cheap acrylic paints you can get don’t do not show the pigments on the tubes.



Yesterday I suddenly felt like experimenting with my cheap Acrylic paints. With experimenting I mean trying out colour mixing, experimenting with how much water and how much paint to load on my brush and things like that. I really didn’t intend to create a painting.

But things happen, and suddenly a painting began to emerge. The good thing with acrylics is that you can paint over your painting until you are satisfied. Of course I learnt a lot about colour mixing as well – that you can darken your green by adding the complimentary colour, red. That you can glaze and make the first layer still shining through; that you can create opaqueness by adding a speck of white, and, and, and. I also made the experience that I could totally dive into the world of colours and shapes and forget everything around me – a beautiful experience!


Dragon. Markers and coloured pencils on paper.

I love dragons, and I love to draw them. I drew this dragon after having watched a video tutorial. The pattern on the skin of the dragon however is my very own. I used markers and coloured pencils on top of them, and markers again.


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