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Chinese design

This is a sampler page from Dover’s colouring book “Chinese designs stained glass” which I coloured in with all kinds of markers, Stabilo and Staedtler fineliners, PITT Artist brush pens and alcpholic markers. I think that all these markers go pretty well together!

Happy colours – work in progress

Happy colours

This piece is hand-drawn and coloured with Stabilo and Staedtler pens. Although spring is round the corner we aren’t seeing many spring colours here in Berlin at the ┬ámoment. So I thought to create my own happy colours…

Quick sketch – Killer whale

Yesterday I decided to do an image search for “whale”, found a photo of a killer whale and did a quick sketch of it. This is a bit of a change after all that colouring. I still like to colour, but I think that I want to do more sketches and drawing exercises.

Russian churches – shades of green

This is another dover publications sampler page, and I used all my green markers to colour it in. These markers were alcohol markers and water-based markers resp. fineliners, and I think they fit together.

Fish – final version

Here is the final version of the fish. Colouring page was downloaded from Dover publications and coloured with Staedtler triplus fineliners on copy paper. I must say that I love these blue and greens!

Fish – Work in progress

fish, coloured in with Staedtler Fineliners

This is really a challenge! i’ve never used those Staedtler fineliners before. Their tips are so tiny that you almost need a looking glas to work with them. However I find that kind of colouring very, very soothing. It’s just the proper thing to do after a working day…

The colouring page is a sample page from Dover publications.

Fancy Face

I have a subscription for the newsletter from Dover publications, and one advantage of this newsletter is that you get access to free colouring pages samples every Friday. I did this with a variety of markers – alcohol markers and markers with waterbased ink. I chose simple copy paper mainly for the reason that the colouring page┬ácan easily be printed.


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