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Koi – neocolor II on watercolour paper.

I had a koi colouring page as a reference, but I didn’t trace it this time – I first did a freehand drawing and then transfered the drawing onto the watercolour paper.

This painting allowed me to try out some of my neocolour II blues – either taken from the tip with a waterbrush or using the shavings.

The Yellow Dragon

I love dragons. Dragons can be friendly or fierce, cute or threatening. They can look like serpents, or like crocodiles, or like dinos.

This one was done with Neocolor II crayons from Caran d’Ache on cardstock. The size is that of a postcard. I tend to declare my paintings finished too soon, but this time I kept on working on it till I was sure that it was finished.

Blue Head

Blue Head

There is this site “” where they have heads, male and female poses, and hands. So I drew this head on cardstock and had a go at colouring it with my neocolor II watersoluble crayons and my markers.

It is important to know that the neocolor II paints can be changed when they are wetted again. It almost like painting with oil paints – you can work with them as long as you have fun and as the paper takes it.

The Little Fairy

It is December, and one of my art goals for this month is to practise tracing, combine the traced drawings for a new composition and work with markers and my neocolorII paints.

So I traced that cute little fairy and put it on a sheet of cardstock the size of a postcard. I wanted to go for the colours blue and green – so I added some leaves and a foreground. Regarding the colouring the fairy and most of the leaves were coloured with alcohol based markers; the rest of the painting was done with the neocolorII paints. Once again I used the shavings, wetted with a tiny drop of water, and applied the paint with a waterbrush, trying to work as dry as possible because of the cardstock.

The Blue Box

The Blue Box

It’s markers again, this time combined with neocolor II watersoluble wax crayons made by Caran d’Ache, on watercolour cold pressed paper.

Green Shapes

Green Shapes

Lately I am interested in contrast – contrast between colours, contrast between the marks on the paper. Here you can see the contrast between the marks alcohol based markers leave on the paper and the marks left by the PITT Artist Brush pens.

I used drawing cardboard as support – a kind of paper which almost sucks in the ink of the alcohol based markers. When you turn round the paper you can see where the markers have been and where the PITT brush pens have been.