Yesterday I suddenly felt like experimenting with my cheap Acrylic paints. With experimenting I mean trying out colour mixing, experimenting with how much water and how much paint to load on my brush and things like that. I really didn’t intend to create a painting.

But things happen, and suddenly a painting began to emerge. The good thing with acrylics is that you can paint over your painting until you are satisfied. Of course I learnt a lot about colour mixing as well – that you can darken your green by adding the complimentary colour, red. That you can glaze and make the first layer still shining through; that you can create opaqueness by adding a speck of white, and, and, and. I also made the experience that I could totally dive into the world of colours and shapes and forget everything around me – a beautiful experience!

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About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

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