Colours and Shapes – final version

Colours and shapes. PITT Artist Brush pen on watercolour paper. November 2014

I have to admit that I fell in love with those PITT artist pens! The colours are so intense. I decided that I want more of them. However buying all the rest of them is a bit much, so I planned to put up a wishlist. I printed out the colour chart and then I sat down and began to write down the colours I have to buy. After half an hour or so I had actually written down a list of ten more colours and put them into my rucksack so that I can easily take it out and buy them on my way home from work.

Today I had to look at that list again. I spent half an hour again with going over each individual item on the list. In the end I just put the list away in my rucksack again. I cannot guarantee however that the items I will bring back home from the store wwon’t be the same as the items on the list…I hate those decisions!!


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About Ulla Hennig

I live and work in Berlin. Taking photos is one of my hobbies, and writing is one of my hobbies, too. So I decided not only to show some of my pictures here but also present some of the thought which came wth the pictures.

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