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Water Elf WIP

Water elf. work in progress. Markers on paper.

I decided to clean up the sketch I showed in my last post and use it for another marker painting. This time I want to focus on shades of blue, with a bit of a complementary orange or yellow in it.

Tomorrow will be framing time, so there will be no time for drawing and painting; hopefully I can work on this piece a bit before the soccer half final on Tuesday which will begin at 10pm local time.


Another plant character

Plant character. Sketch with ballpoint pen on a piece of scrap paper

I seem to be obsessed with plant or tree characters. This is a very rough and quick sketch, drawn with a ballpoint pen on a piece of scrap paper. I’d like to work on this rough sketch and create a clean drawing with it, which then could be used as lineart for another marker painting.

But I don’t know when I will do that – Saturday in a week will be the opening of the second group art show of my artist life. I still remember last year when it was the first time for me to participate in an art show. I was so excited when people stopped in front of my illustrations and even wanted to hear my thoughts about them! This year I know a bit what to expect, but I am still a bit nervous. …

Elf Prince – final version

Elf prince. Markers on very smooth paper. June 2014

I managed to put the finishing touches on this illustration on the weekend – between two soccer matches. I decided to show this piece together with this one at the group show on July 12. As the format of the paper is rather unusual (DIN A 5, which is half of a DIN A 4 sheet of paper), I had to look for some cardstock to put it on. Yesterday I took the bus to a quite famous art store here in Berlin (it is called “modulor”), had the two illustrations with me and selected some coloured sheets of cardstock paper.In addition to that I bought two DIN A 4 aluminium frames.

Next Monday me and my friend Claudia will  swap some of my paintings which are still framed and replace them by Illustrations I did the last year, and we will frame the two marker pieces. I am definitely looking forward to that undertaking!